Blinkers Bicycle Lights Review

The Blinkers Set allow you indicate your intentions in a way that easily understood and recognized by all road users.

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The Blinkers Set includes front and rear blinkers with a number of functionalities including directional turning indicators, 100lm automatic brake light, 30lm Rear red light, 100lm Front white light, wireless and adjustable remote control, rechargeable battery (20h of use), magnetic attachment, saddle mount, and handlebar mount.

The handlebar mount can be fixed in any kind of handlebar between 22-31,8mm diameter. The saddle mount is fixed right under the saddle and can be fixed to almost every kind of saddle.

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This is a fully integrated product that includes bicycle lights, remote, and a signaling system that was intuitive and easy to use. Being able to indicate my intention to turn with a blinking light made me feel safer and more confident commuting through downtown traffic. Drivers honestly felt much less aggressive towards me now that I was able to indicate turns in a way they easily recognized and understood.

Wish list

The lights need to be removed after use as they drain the battery when on standby. It would be great to have a hub dynamo connection option.


From the start, Blinkers were easy to use a fairly intuitive. They were easy to install on my bike and once in place they were easy to connect

The light come with a front and back mount that uses strong magnets to hold them in place. This allows for easy removal when you lock your bike. There is a small and easy to mount wireless handlebar control panel that allows you to signal led and right. The rear light also includes a laser that projects a boundary around the back of the bicycle that helps to illustrate the space the bicycle needs. The laser works best on bikes without saddlebags as the mounting location below the seat means that the bags can obscure the laser projection. The light a have three modes that include solid, blinking and strobing.

If you want to feel and be safer while you commute by bike a set of Blinkers bicycle lights will do the job. While a helmet can help keep you safe if you get hit these lights will help prevent the collision from happening in the first place.

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