Bobike Maxi City Child Seat Review

Little space is taken up by the permanent bracket when this child seat is removed, and you can still get a pair of panniers around your rear wheel.

Reviewed by Omar Kassis

$249.95 USD; $210 CAD, and to see a complete list of dealers go to

Maximum carrying capacity: 49 pounds (22 kilograms)

Stylish and highly practical, this rear-mounted seat was a big hit with its passenger and the bike rider. A unique mounting system comes with a bracket bolted firmly to the frame of your bike and the seat itself, which clips on and off easily. The pair of side-by-side points where the seat securely clips on create a very comfortable suspension system, as the seat gently rocks to absorb bumps. The passenger is held safely in place by an easy-to-use three-point shoulder harness. His or her feet are also strapped in and protected from spokes.


Your child rides up high enough to see the world and gets a gently bouncy ride. The Bobike Maxi City can be attached to any bike frame, regardless of fenders, rattraps or accessories. The seat clips on and off the bracket easily – for those childless rides.


The back of the Bobike Maxi City is perfectly smooth and has no points for affixing a rear light or a reflector to it. There is no hang-on bar, so kids might find that they don’t know what to do with their hands.

Ideal Rider

Anyone can ride with this seat. As with any rear-mounted seat, balancing the bike with a child high up takes some getting used to. If a child falls asleep in the Bobike Maxi City, his or her body will stay safely in place, even if his or her head bobs around.


Riding to the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, we drew a lot of comments both about the sleek Dutch styling of the child seat and the happy giggles provoked by the gentle ride. We were particularly impressed by how little space is taken up by the permanent bracket when the child seat is removed. It is unobtrusive, and you can still get a pair of panniers around your rear wheel.

Omar Kassis is a Vancouver, BC, teacher and gardener who loves and rides his bike all year. He has been a bicycle tour guide in Canada and France.

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