Brodie Metier City Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Brodie Metier city bike.

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Functionality drove the design for this Brodie city bike. Loaded with great Shimano components for a reliable ride. This bike also features fenders, kickstand, a rear rack, and chainguard, this bike is ready for the city commute.


I’ve been looking for a sturdy bike that will stand up to my daily 30-minute commute without breaking the bank, so I jumped at the chance to review the Brodie Metier. It’s not the vintage style that I usually go for, it’s a good looking bike and I loved the deep purple color.

The twist shift made changing gears easy and smooth, particularly handy on those slow burning hills. The upright riding position was comfortable whether I was cruising around a park or cycling over a bridge. There were several handy additions that ensured the bike was ready to ride the moment I picked it up. Fenders and a chainguard added protection from winter downpours and a built-in rear rack was perfect for my pannier bag.


A couple of small things. The kickstand wasn’t sturdy enough and the bike almost fell over a couple of times. The only place to add a visible rear light to was the rack itself, which didn’t have a thick enough bar to attach a portable light to. It is also important to note that the chainguard is mounted in such a way that if the chain falls off (which is supposed to rarely happen) a screwdriver is needed to re-mount the chain.


The Brodie Metier is a great starter bike for someone like me who wants to get from A to B on a regular basis but doesn’t want to pay a fortune.


This bike has really improved my daily commute – it’s comfy to ride, practical and handles hills like a pro.

Sarah Mayer is an English girl living and working in Vancouver for custom men’s suiting company, Indochino. She bought her first adult bicycle when she moved here a couple of years ago and has been commuting on two wheels ever since.


  • A plisaengly rational answer. Good to hear from you.

  • Ron Richings

    Nothing wrong with Brodie bikes, but the Sterling for $50 more has full range gearing – potentially very important – and a suspension seatpost – for those who like that seems like a much better deal and a bike that will keep its rider satisfied far longer.

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