Brompton Ups the Swag Factor with the Limited Release Nickel Edition

The tiny folding bike is now available with some serious swag.

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Brompton Nickel Edition

The Nickel Edition, photo courtesy of Brompton Bicycle.

Brompton Bicycles, the UK’s largest bike manufacturer and a global leader in tiny, high-quality folding bikes, has recently released the Nickel Edition. The Nickel Edition is a flashy, premium-finish folder with a production run of only 1,500 units for 2016, each bike sequentially numbered for exclusivity. Announced at the Taipei Bike Show in early March, the Nickel Edition is a swanky new offering from a company which has already established itself as a maker of fun, zippy folding bikes for the urban crowd.

The folder is made from polished 50 micron high-phosphorus electroless nickel plating with anti-corrosion resistance, normally reserved for mining and deep-sea drilling equipment. While most people won’t be tying to their folding bike to an anchor and plunging it to the depths of the sea, all that electroless nickel plating sure does result in a beautiful bicycle. The finish, almost gold in appearance, is offset by Black rims, spokes, and seat post, combining to make a simple yet elegant little urban machine that makes you want to throw on your Sunday best just to match the bicycle.

Brompton Folding Bicycles

The Stardust Black paint finish.

If you like the shine but nickel is just a tad too flashy, Brompton is releasing the Nickel Edition alongside the Stardust Black paint finish, a glossy deep black speckled with tiny metallic flakes to give the frame the appearance of a night sky.

“Ever since we launched Raw Lacquer 11 years ago it has often been requested we produce more premium finishes,” said Brompton CMO Stephen Loftus. “Through a great deal of work from the design and engineering department we are delighted to be introducing our unique Nickel Edition bike and fun Stardust black finish, which we believe will continue to broaden the appeal of our bikes and attract new people to Brompton.”

The Nickel Edition and Stardust finish are a departure from many of Brompton’s previous offerings, which featured matte finishes in colors like lime green, turquoise, orange, and oftentimes combinations of all three and others. While the previous models are fun, bright, and sure to stand out in a crowd, the two new lines enable riders to stand out in a more understated way. With their clean lines and sleek polish, they’re the kind of bikes you could imagine being folded up and loaded onto the back of a yacht. Perhaps that’s what that anti-corrosion resistance is for.

The Nickel Edition will be available worldwide from the end of March, with an S, M or H Type handlebar, in 2 or 6 speeds. It costs a pretty penny (nickel?), between USD $2095-2199 for the normal range and between USD $2976-3475 for the Superlight Nickel, but you pedal away with a comact, high-quality folder that is sure to turn heads. The Stardust Black paint finish will be available via the online bike builder.


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