Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Willow 7 Seven Speed Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews Brooklyn Bicycle Co.’s Willow 7 Seven Speed Bike

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Brooklyn Bicycle Co’s Willow 7 is a step-through city bike with an angular, modern-vintage 28 pound frame, 7-speed Shimano Nexus internal hub, and vegan leather handlebar grips and sprung saddle. With a heavy-duty kickstand, chainguard, and fenders as well as a rear alloy carrier with integrated tie-down loops; frame available in two sizes in gloss black or Columbia blue. Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Dealers can be found throughout the United States and Canada and can be ordered online in the US only.


Riding this bike felt a little bit like a ray of sunshine every day – the pretty robin’s egg blue frame, combined with the comfortable elegance of the riding position it puts you in, made every ride feel like a pleasant summer jaunt. With its 7 gears and light frame, this bike is just practical enough to make the work commute or grocery run feel efficient, while still being so stylish that my frumpy errand clothes always seemed a little more snappy.


My only complaints about this bike are minor, and not unsolvable – a saddle that gets a little uncomfortable after more than an hour or two, some intermittent hiccups shifting between the highest gears – nothing that a little tweaking over the break-in period couldn’t fix. It’s not the most stylish bike on the planet, and a tiny bit more effort into the design of a few frame details could go a long way, but it’s a small price to pay for the better functionality than you’ll find on some other Dutch-inspired city bikes.


For anyone looking for a beautiful commuter bike that doesn’t sacrifice form for function, this could be your new darling.


It covers just enough of the “need-to-haves” to get you anywhere you need to go without too much effort, while still providing the “want-to-have” vintage city bike cool factor. The more upright frame comfortably accommodated my taller-than-normal 5’10” height, which is something I’ve often had a hard time finding in a city bike. If you only want one bike to dash around town on, and it doesn’t need to be a real workhorse, this is a great middle-of-the-road option that will up your style game and definitely get you more than a few appreciative glances.

This Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Willow 7 Seven Speed was generously put together by The Standard Bicycle Service & Repair in Vancouver, BC.

Susan Pinkney is an avid city cyclist who happily insists to everyone who asks that it’s easier to bike in heels than it is to walk. 

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