Café du Cycliste Colette Jacket Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Cafe Du Cyclists Colette women’s rain jacket.

Cafe du Cycliste Colette Women’s Rain Jacket

PRICE €199

The Colette women’s rain jacket is a superlight waterproof jacket that can fold down into a purse or bag. The fabric features a four-way stretch for unrestricted movement and a two-layer construction with taped seams and a waterproof zipper. Lycra cuffs prevent wind and wet from getting in at the wrists and there is a large water-resistant rear pocket and back vents for circulation.


This jacket feels like butter. Everything that touches your skin is super soft – from the fabric itself to the lining on the collar and at the top of the zipper. I didn’t know that waterproof fabric could feel this good. At first I thought that the large cuffs were strange, but then I came to appreciate how they keep the sleeves in place. The back pocket is at the right height and large enough for more than just your phone.


While I liked the body-hugging fit and rear pocket, the jacket is definitely on the sportier side. I would love to see this same wonderfully soft fabric used for a more casual style jacket.


I can’t stop gushing over the fabric of this jacket. It kept the rain and wind out – keeping me impressively dry during several downpours – and just feels so great against my skin. While the jacket is made with sportier cycling in mind, I found it also great for running on wet and windy days. The Deep Purple color is especially nice and I like that there are no large logos as well. The jacket also folds down really well and can be slipped into a purse pocket so you’re ready for when it rains. If you are a commuter who also likes to get a bit of a workout on your daily rides, then this could be the perfect spring/ autumn jacket for you.

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