Cargo Bike Review – Larry vs. Harry Bullitt Clockwork

Momentum Mag reviews the Larry vs. Harry Bullitt Clockwork.

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The Bullitt Clockwork comes equipped with a Shimano Alfine eight-speed internal hub, hydraulic disc brakes and impact-strengthened plastic mudguards. The handlebars height is adjustable while also non-removable. Its hardened aluminum frame keeps the weight of the bike at 53 pounds (24 kilograms). The load capacity is 400 pounds (180 kilograms), including the rider. A plethora of interesting box designs that are compatible can be found online this summer including a free blueprint to build your own box.

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The Bullitt Clockwork is light and nimble, and it is hard to come up with a load that can’t be carried on this bicycle.

Wish List

A way to carry large items that stick out past the flatbed without scratching the frame paint would be useful as the flatbed sinks below the outer frame. I ended up having to tape some grip tape over the frame to protect it. I also wish my wife could ride it but at 5 ft 1” she’s just shy of the lowest seat level.

Ideal Rider

Someone who wants a very fast and light cargo bike that carries the load in front of them will love this bike. The reach is 23.9″ so it will feel a little big for smaller riders. Used by many a courier, the flat bottom front-loader is also a great platform to transform into a work utility bike or family bike with a box accessory.


This is a big bicycle with a long wheelbase, 96 inches (243 centimeters), so be sure to have the room for it in your garage or storage space. Fortunately it is not particularly wide at 18 inches (46.6 centimeters) and will easily fit through any doorway or gate.

While it may not seem to be the first intent of the design, the bicycle can be adapted to carry children. Also the flat bed design is a great platform for developing your own accessories. The vertical steering column means that the handlebars do overhang the cargo bed and can mean that children will have to sit low on the flat bed. A box accessory is available from Larry vs. Harry that will do the trick.

The flat bed length is 27.95 inches (71 centimeters). I was able to carry long, unwieldy loads by putting outriggers (2×4) strapped to the deck that allowed me to carry up to 14 foot 2×10 fir lumber planks. Not surprising when you know that one of the two designers was once a carpenter.

The adjustable handlebar stem and seat post are a great feature allowing multiple riders to adjust the bike to their size easily. This however does not include smaller riders who might find the distance from the saddle to the handlebars a little too long. My wife is 5′ 1″ and isn’t able to fit on the bike comfortably. A smaller stem and swept back handle bars could help. The flat bed has four vertical tubes welded to the inside of the frame that could be used for attaching various accessories. I’ve been riding this bike for over 3 years and use it regularly for work. I’ve also been able to electrify it with an Ezee kit. 

This is a fast, light and aesthetically pleasing cargo bicycle to ride. It can capture the imagination of both tradesmen and mothers, which is amazing.

This bike was generously provided by Larry vs. Harry in 2009 and subsequently purchased by the reviewer since the reviewer couldn’t let it go.

Gwendal Castellan is an Energy Specialist from Vancouver, BC  he likes to spend his weekends seeking out urban adventures with his two little kids and fabulous wife!  Gwendal is looking for a Stand-Up Paddle board that he can easily transport on any of his cargo bikes. @gwendal_c


  • mike

    I’ve hand my bullitt for 3 or more years now and it is my favorite or 5 or so bikes. Comfy, fast, practical. Just did the grocery run for the week, leaving the car home alone yet again. Have added dynamo and front/rear lighting. Considering an e-drive next. Simply the best bike I’ve every owned.

  • Lamar Timmins

    Bullitts are definitely taking its place in Montreal this year and surely will become more and more popular. They are available for rental and purchase at Allo Vélo Boutique Café

  • Mark Huggan

    My Bullitt has become my commuter bike of choice as well as the companies cargo bike.
    Phantom hopes to get a second one this summer and have to thank the guys at Alternative transportation for distributing them in Vancouver. It’s a great bike it hauls ass and hauls cargo i love the ride and everything about it, As a company vehicle it rules everyone loves riding it.

  • Apple

    I love this bike. Previously, I tried using a flatbed trailer to haul but didn’t like it. Then I tried an Extracycle. That didn’t really meet my needs. Then I found the Bullitt. I have been riding it as my daily rider for over a year. I bought it thinking I would use it just for hauling, but it has become my main bike. I switched the handle bar to an albatross and I love the way the bike fits me. Hans at their shop in Copenhagen was great to work with.
    As for hauling long items mentioned in the review.. I just strap lumber to the frame.
    The bike can haul more weight than my body can peddle down the road!

  • coops

    I’m a shopfitter tradesman and use a Bullitt to get tools to jobs around Sydney (Australia). Handles really well when loaded up

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