Cateye Padrone CC-PA 100W Cycle Computer Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Cateye Padrone CC-PA 100W Cycle Computer

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Photo courtesy of Cateye Products.

Photo courtesy of Cateye Products.



This is a great little cycle computer.  It’s the first one I have owned that is wireless, meaning that you (or your mechanic) no longer have to figure out the best way to route a cable from your front forks to the computer unit.  Wireless=way less installation hassle and a cleaner look to your bike. 

In fact, I’d say that almost anyone could install the Padrone themselves. Including reading the instructions, it tok me only 30 minutes.  There are only 3 things to install – a magnet on your spokes, a sensor on your forks and the computer mount on your bars.

As with most cycle computers today, it is easily removable from its mount for theft prevention.

This is a basic model – it offers speed, odometer, top speed, average speed, total pedalling time, current clock time and that’s it.

There is only one button to press that cycles you through all of the menus.  Installation and setup instructions are simple.


Cateye’s Padrone Cycle Computer is for a commuter who wants a speedometer and also wants to keep a log of the distance they’ve travelled. 

It’s fit for an entry level road rider who doesn’t want one of the fancier models that will track position via GPS, heart rate, split times et cetera.  This computer will not connect with your computer to download stored data. 

I like that the Padrone can be easily transferred from bike to bike.  Spares for all of the parts (sensors, magnet, computer mount) can be purchased separately from Cateye directly or from your dealer, so you can have sensors and mounts on multiple bikes, and just transfer the computer from one to the other. 


The feature that Cateye really emphasizes about this product is its large display.  I found the display easy to read when riding during the day, but at night, I couldn’t read it unless I was passing under a street light. 

One small issue I had is that the fork-mounted sensor can be easily shifted from contact with a bike rack, or from your bike lock.  I unknowingly bumped my sensor while unlocking my bike one day, and the result was that the sensor contacted my spokes and was pulled way out of alignment.  A bit of extra care is required when locking/unlocking in order to avoid this.


As a recreational road rider,  I appreciate that the functions of the Padrone allow me to compare my riding performance from one ride to the next.  However, as a commuter, I find it interesting to know how fast I am going, but not essential. 

Overall, this is a good product if you need a basic speedometer/odometer.  If you need something different, Cateye offers an entire range of products to suit every rider and every budget.

Tim Tewsley is a green building strategist with Recollective Consulting in Vancouver BC and a cycling instructor with HUB. Though he rides road and mountain bikes, he most enjoys his morning commute to work.

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  • Robert

    Yes, I’ve owned the slim model since it’s introduction, great, simple to use comp.

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