Chrome Industries Barrage Backpack Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Chrome Industries Reflective Camo 2nd Issue Barrage Cargo backpack.



The Chrome Industries Reflective Camo 2nd Issue Barrage Cargo elevates the highly functional Barrage Cargo backpack into the ultimate do-everything reflective waterproof backpack. Exclusively developed by Chrome, a Swedish M90 geomtric camo is combined with a rain camo pattern that has a special glass-bead print, which reflects light from a distance up to 100 feet (30.5 meters). The Barrage features a low-profile design and side compression straps for load stabilization and increased over-the-shoulder visibility. The Barrage adapts to accommodate a range of cargo. The main compartment expands from 22L to 34L and features an expandable cargo net with compression straps for securing cargo in a variety of shapes and sizes. Made in USA with a lifetime guarantee.


The Barrage Cargo is an exceptionally sturdy and waterproof backpack that can carry pretty much anything you want. Groceries, a weekend’s worth of clothing including shoes, a laptop and books; the Barrage can carry it all while the wide support straps and padding on the back keep you comfortable. Spills in the main compartment are contained by the waterproof liner than can be pulled inside out and rinsed clean.


A small pocket that can be secured to keep a wallet, phone, and/ or keys in place would be a great addition. The side pockets are deep enough to keep items in reach and with you on even the bumpiest streets, but a zipper or hook and loop fastener pocket would provide extra peace of mind.


The Reflective Camo 2nd Issue fabric is stunning. The rain pattern is the most intriguing reflective pattern I’ve ever seen. The fabric is outshined by a highly reflective strip on the strap that closes the main compartment, but is no less dazzling.

The Barrage Cargo backpack is designed to take a beating and last a very long time. The Cordura fabric, wielded seams, cargo webbing, beefy closures, and mini seatbelt closure on the chest are all heavy-duty. These features do make the backpack the heaviest I have ever tried. While noticeably heavy while empty, once full of gear I didn’t find the weight uncomfortable, even on longer rides.

In the large main compartment I was able to carry a weekend’s worth of clothing including a pair of shoes, jacket, and dopp kit without having to overly squish everything together. I didn’t mind tossing fresh fruit and vegetables from the market into the bag due to the waterproof and washable liner. A sleeve pocket within the main compartment allowed for separation of items inside for a little organization. A zipper also allowed for access between the liner and outer fabric of the bag. I didn’t find a use for this option, but I see it as being useful for separating wet and dry gear. In the two side pockets I was able to keep a foldable ABUS lock as well as a set of keys. While I would feel more comfortable placing smaller items in a more secure pocket, my keys never seemed likely to fall out even as I removed and put on the bag multiple times.

The cargo mesh on the outside is what I used most for wet or dirty items. Secured to the outside of the bag a wet pair of shoes was able to dry in the sun and wet produce didn’t soak other groceries in the main compartment. When tightened, the straps held tight and didn’t budge, even when the main compartment of the bag wasn’t packed full to provide extra tension.

Overall, the Barrage Cargo backpack is a sturdy, waterproof, and versatile bag for people who need to take a lot with them. The padded straps and back were very comfortable on long rides even though the bag itself was noticeably heavy.

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