Civia Twin City Step-through 7-speed Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews Civia Twin City Step-through 7-speed.

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PRICE $995 USD/ $1045 CAD


AVAILABLE in US and Canada bike shops and online

The Civia Twin City 7-speed is an upright bicycle made of CroMoly steel that weighs approximately 30 lbs (16 kg). This city bike includes a smooth, 7-speed Shimano Nexus internal-gear hub, kickstand, chainguard, welded rear rack, and fenders. Matching front rack liner is an upgradable option.


This bike has a very unique look and I am constantly getting compliments from passersby. The features like fenders and rear rack are really practical and useful.


I found it hard to keep up with my friends at times as the bike felt heavy while riding. Going up hills or carrying it up stairs can be hard work.


If you are someone looking for a bike to cruise around your city on a summer afternoon under no time commitment then this is the bike for you. This is not necessarily a bike to use to rush to work in the morning.


I’ve never had a cool bike before, so the great looking Civia Twin City Step-through has been a huge upgrade. I love how smooth the pedaling is on this bike even though I’m not going to be the fastest one up a hill. If you are a commuter and locking your bike up frequently, you might want to opt out of the front rack as you will have to reverse your bicycle into some city bike racks.

Emily Millen is a yoga teacher from Vancouver. When not gardening, teaching or enjoying music, she can be found riding her bright green bike around town. @EmilyMillenYoga

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