Copilot Limo Child Seat Review

The Copilot Limo has a well-padded seat and high headrest for extra security and comfort. It comes with a fold-down grab bar, three-point harness and reclining backrest.

Reviewed by Melissa Rodrigues

$134.99 USD; $200 CAD

Maximum carrying capacity: 40 pounds (18 kilograms)

The Copilot Limo features a fold-down grab bar, three-point harness and reclining backrest. Included is a Blackburn EX-1 tubular aluminum rack with a quick-release mounting system.


The padding in the seat was appreciated, especially near the head area for when my two-year-old daughter fell asleep. The high headrest made me feel confident that her head was well-protected. My daugher enjoyed the colorfulness of the seat.


It was my first time riding with a child seat on the back of my bike, so the extra weight of the seat took some getting used to. It was also tricky at first to get my toddler in and out of the seat, which became easier with a bit of practice. I found the handlebar that comes over the top was fun for my daughter, but it also often bumped into her helmet as I pulled it over. It is a bit complex to take seat on and off, and I wish that I could still put saddlebags on the rear rack.

Ideal Rider

Good for short trips around town.


It was a nice seat and I loved having it on my bike because my daughter had so much fun riding in it! For it to be a great seat, it should accommodate a pannier on the rear rack.

Melissa Rodrigues was a professional ballet dancer for 14 years. She currently teaches yoga and is a doula. She hasn’t biked much since she became pregnant, and so found it refreshing to be back on her bike with her daughter in tow!

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  • cyclista

    Hi Melissa,
    Thank you for the review and I would like to take a moment to welcome you back in cycling. It’s nice to see mothers riding with kido.

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