Croozer Kid Plus for 2 Bicycle Trailer Review

A spacious 2-kid bicycle trailer that leaves room for the groceries.

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croozer kids' bicycle trailer review

PRICE $799.99 USD


After we had our previous trailer stolen from our front yard, I went six months without a trailer. In six months, 5- and 7-year-olds can grow a lot, I thought my trailer days were over. But then the Kid Plus for 2 came along, and I was overjoyed to discover that I was wrong. The Kid Plus for 2 actually fits two children, and two children who are older than most people assume is possible to fit into a trailer together. It’s spacious, tall enough to accommodate their height.

The back is an entire separate compartment, basically a trunk your for trailer. I could do a full week’s worth of grocery shopping – rice, veggies, a few bottles of milk, a watermelon – with my kids in the trailer. With most 2-kid trailers, I’d have to either make multiple trips or get the kids to walk. We took it bike touring and were able to carry one of the kids’ bikes in the back, with one kid strapped in, and a tent and sleeping mats tucked under the seat.

The rechargeable handlebar lighting system is an amazing new addition. It’s an add-on from the stock model, but one I would highly recommend anyone to go for it. It removes the fuss of having to constantly take the lights on and off when popping out of stores, the add-on lights are theft-proof unless somebody steals the entire handlebar, and over 6 months of frequent use I’ve only had to recharge them once.

The velcro straps that hold the cover down actually work, which can often be a problem with kids’ trailer, and cinching straps hold things tight.

The shock dampening system is great, the kids don’t feel all the bumps and lumps of the road.

The stroller attachment comes stock with the trailer, you don’t have to buy it separately. This is a must-have for any kid trailer, enabling you to easily transition between on and off bike life, so it’s nice that they include it in the package. They also send two hitches, so you can easily share the trailer between parents.


I’d love to see a more integrated locking spot on the frame. At present, it’s awkward to find a comfortable locking spot, and requires running cable locks into the trailer to get to the frame. Designing a metal loop on the outer part of the frame that was easily accessible would help with this problem, I haven’t seen it any trailer yet so I can see it being a design challenge, but it would go a long way to making regular use of the product more convenient.

While the spaciousness of the trailer is certainly among its positives, it can also be construed as negative depending on how you look at it. This is not a product for the very urban, as it does take up space in your home and most people are not going to realistically fold and unfold it every single day. While it fits through most standard doorways assembled and full of kids, you’ll run into the occasional doorway or gate it doesn’t quite fit, requiring an unloading of kids and removing of one wheel to squeeze through. Because of its size, people in constrained spaces or congested cities may find it gets in the way too much to make it a viable everyday solution.


The Kid PLus for 2 bicycle trailer is one of the best options on the market for families with two kids who are nearing the end of their trailer days. It functions well, is aesthetically pleasing, easy to pull, comfortable for the kids, and easy to attach and detach. It would be a great touring trailer, or an everyday trailer for families with the space to store it.

Tania Lo is the co-publisher of Momentum Mag. She lives car free with two kids in Vancouver, BC. 

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