Brazil’s Bike-Specific Fashion Line CycleLand

CycleLand, a bike fashion label from São Paulo, Brazil, is dedicated to inspiring and promoting mobility.

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CycleLand, a bike fashion label created in São Paulo, Brazil by Naly Cabral, combines the designer’s passion for creating with her desire to develop a project that could inspire people. Since the bicycle is Cabral’s favorite way to circulate through the city, creating a clothing line that promoted mobility seemed a natural fit.

The pieces in the CycleLand line are made to facilitate the daily life of people on bikes and take into consideration Brazil’s tropical climate. Pants feature slits by the knees, necklines facilitate ventilation, the pieces use smart, anti-microbial fabrics, and reflective accents increase visibility at night.

Cabral recognizes that in Brazil it is still difficult for many when it comes to using a bicycle for transportation. “Our cities do not offer enough infrastructure,” shared Cabral. “Many drivers don’t have the necessary education to share the streets with cyclists, and there is a prejudice, even though it is concealed, against those who prefer to bike, as if cyclists are losers who couldn’t purchase a car.”

“Knowing that fashion has the power to influence people’s habits and attitudes,” said Cabral “we include positive messages about the use of bikes so that more people can respect and admire this kind of transportation. We believe in the bike as part of daily life since it materializes fundamental concepts such as independency, ecological consciousness, and well-being.”

This post was originally published in 2014 and has been updated.



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