Three Beneficial Ways to Use Cycling Cameras

Cycling cameras are gaining in popularity and being used for anything from recording memories to serving up justice.

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Sena x1 cycling helmet

The internet is full of videos uploaded by bicycle commuters who have a camera mounted to their handlebar or helmet. Typically they capture scenes of road rage and driver carelessness that will make you cringe. An unfortunate reminder on why safe cycling infrastructure is so imperative. While the cameras have captured some compelling viral footage they aren’t just toys for YouTuber’s and Vloggers. Any cyclist will find a use whether it’s recording memories or serving up justice. Hopefully the former.

In recent years, on-bike cameras have become increasingly popular among cyclists. While bicyclist’s may be deterred by the thought of a camera looking dorky on their otherwise stylish commute into the office there is good advancements being made in this area. As the technology gets smaller, lighter, and more affordable we are beginning to see it integrated into lights and helmets such as the X1 Pro helmet from Sena with a QHD camera built into the center.

Integrated options are great for anyone who loves capturing moments or has thought about purchasing an on-bike camera but isn’t serious about setting it up each time they get on their bicycle. An option like Sena’s X1 Pro helmet means you’ll always have the camera with you and ready to go. No need to mount it to your bike or remember to remove it when you make a pit stop. Want to learn more about Sena’s X1 Pro? We had some questions ourselves which you can read below.

There are a number of reasons why turning on a camera before you get on your bike can be a good reason but for us at Momentum Mag the most obvious would include liability purposes, capturing cool scenery, and capturing memories.

1. Liability purposes

In my three years of commuting in Vancouver I have been hit by car twice, run off the road deliberately, and experienced countless near misses. Thankfully in the one that mattered I was able to get the information from a couple different witnesses. No he said/she said conundrum. Not everyone is as lucky and sometimes it ends up being your word against theirs. If a camera is rolling the footage is admissible in court as evidence. You’ll be able to back up your story by showing them exactly what happened, the camera doesn’t lie.

You’ll also be able to clearly prove fault and negligence which typically comes down to some very subjective statements. If you’re able to clearly show how negligent the driver was acting you got yourself a pretty solid case.

2. Capturing Cool Scenery

I’ve seen some gorgeous scenery while riding – whether it’s a sunset on my way home from work, winding through mountain roads, rolling along Vancouver’s seawall, or crossing the Lions Gate bridge with friends. Having a cycling camera running means you can still live in the moment and know you’ll have footage to reflect upon later. I can’t see a downside to having a cycling camera running. If I find myself in a situation where I need video footage, and have it – well, that’s a good outcome. And if the most worrying conflict I capture is the footage of a crow swooping down at my friend along a glorious tree lined street with pockets of sunshine bursting through – well, that’s a win, too.

3. Capture Memories

I am spending more time on my bicycle then ever before. My friends and I use bikes to get around the city anytime we make plans. I ride with my family on the weekends for fun. A lot of my day happens while on the saddle and it would be nice to be able to capture more of those moments. With Sena’s X1 Pro helmet you can record your communication as well so your conversation can be included in the video if you’d like.


We caught up with Sena and asked a few questions about their X1 Pro cycling helmet. Thanks Sena!

MM: How do you download the footage and where does it save to?

Sena: The video saves to a micro SD card (recommended 62GB or under), so once you’re ready to see your videos you can remove the card and download the videos or you can download directly to your phone through the built in wifi.

MM: Does the video include GPS tracking so you know where the footage is from?

Sena: There is currently no data overlay on the video, but it’s something we are definitely looking into which would be included in possible future updates.

MM: Once you have recorded two hours of footage will it start recording over itself?

Sena: The two hours is for the battery life of the camera itself, so depending on the size of your SD card once it’s full then, yes, it will start recording over the previous footage.

MM: What is the battery life when recording?

Sena: 2 hours.

MM: Does the X1 Pro come with any video editing capabilities? Is there video editing software Sena recommends?

Sena: It does not, but you won’t need much editing capabilities since the audio records directly over the video giving you a complete recap of your adventures!

MM: What is the coolest thing Sena has captured with the X1 Pro camera? Any footage you can share?

Sena: All of it! Every day is an new and exciting journey, so our Sena gear is always capturing awesome adventures.

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    Anyone know if the Pro is for sale in Europe? Looks really interesting and would definitely be interested but struggling to see if its on sale ….

  • Timothy

    Or upload pictures to Mapillary to help improve Open Street map, and open cycle map.

  • Colin Brander

    I sometimes ride with a camera, but more often than not, when I have the camera rolling, nothing interesting happens. It is when I don’t, that I see ‘interesting’ things. The one I wish I captured, was a taxi driver driving down the 2-way Dunsmuir separated bicycle facility in Vancouver and his offensive reaction, when I tried to politely explain to him what he did wrong.

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