George Hahn Cycles in Style

For lifestyle blogger George Hahn, a city bike is the best way to get around NYC.

Written by:

George Hahn

City: New York, NY


What he’s wearing: Gray Tasmanian wool suit by UNIQLO; white dress shirt by Paul Fredrick; black pebble-grain long wingtips from Florsheim (orange laces from Maxton Men); silk black and white tie from Banana Republic

What he’s riding: Driggs 3 Men’s 3-Speed from Brooklyn Cruiser

“In the city, a car is a hassle. Just look around or ask anyone who has one. As a lifestyle blogger in NYC who writes for men who aren’t millionaires but who like to live well and look good, I think the city bike is the perfect way to get around. There’s nothing like blowing past blocks of cars stuck in traffic on my bike, arriving at my destination a lot faster and a little thinner (Schadenfreude alert).

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