Joseph Bradley & Nicole Maltz Cycle in Style

Joseph Bradley & Nicole Maltz – Summer Cycling in Style Profiles

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Names: Joseph Bradley & Nicole Maltz

City: Long Beach, CA

Website: (Bradley), (Maltz)

What he’s wearing: The Academy X-cross shirt, Skinny Ties, E-Z Rider slim pants, Brown Felt Feel fedora, Round About Cacao bamboo sunglasses

What she’s wearing: The Academy X-cross shirt, E-Z Rider shorts, Zero Waste Infinity Scarf, Flat Top Blue Fade bamboo sunglasses

What he’s riding: Early 90’s Marin SE

What she’s riding: Linus Dutchi

Joseph & Nicole say: Because of the additions to bike infrastructure in Long Beach, places that were not easy to access by bike before now are (more bike accessible). We can dress for whatever the occasion requires, lock up in front and stroll in, dressed to the nines of course!

(Photographed here to promote the Cycle Chic: Past, Present & Future urban bike fashion show on September 13, 2012.)

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