Dahon Mu N360 Folding Bike Review

Dahon Mu Aluminum frame with NuVinci N360 continuously variable transmission hub with a 360 percent range.

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Reviewed by Gwendal Castellan

$1,699 USD


The NuVinci N360 hub really simplifies the riding experience creating a low hassle folding bike. Dahon Mu Aluminum frame with NuVinci N360 continuously variable transmission hub with a 360 percent range.

Folding Size: 11.7 × 30.8 × 25.7 inches

Weight: 28.8 pounds (13.1 kilograms)

Wheel Size: 20 inches


With the NuVinci N360 rear hub you get buttery smooth shifting. It’s almost eerie to ride around without a click, a creak or a clang sound coming up from the bicycle. The 20-inche wheels with Schwalbe Marathon Supremer tires add to the smoothness and comfort of this ride. You can fold this bike in less that 15 seconds, as the clamps are ergonomic and quick and easy to open and close.


The 20-inch tires and the single folding point at the midway point on the frame means that, when folded, the bike is a larger package than the 16-inch wheel folding bikes. If you get a flat tire on the back, it will take more time to remove the wheel than a bike with a conventional derailleur with a quick release. Fortunately, Dahon includes a pump in the seat post, which is a great get out of jail free card. Overall, the bike is heavier than the others tested, mostly because of the N360 Hub. All the folding clamps do loosen over time and should be checked on a regular basis to make sure they are nice and tight.

Ideal Rider

The Dahon Mu N360 is a very comfortable ride that has a sufficient gear ratio for tackling most hills. It would work wonderfully as an urban commuter bike that allows the rider to duck into a subway, hop into a taxi or jump on a bus, bike in tow. For people looking for a bike they can simply, reliably take out and ride, this is a good choice.


The Dahon Mu N360 is all about the continuously variable transmission. The NuVinci N360 hub really simplifies the riding experience and creates a low hassle folding bike. The single fold point is tried and true. The magnets keep the package all together fairly well when folded, though they occasionally are not sufficient when lifting the bike or holding in the air. There are also no dangling derailleurs and the handlebars fold down between the two wheels. You will need to disassemble the bike somewhat and remove the wheels to fit it into an airline suitcase. Dahon offers a slightly oversized case called the Airporter, which easily fits the folded bike. Their Airporter-mini requires more disassembly, but fits the airline legal dimensions.


  • Art

    What is the gear ratio upper and lower range compared to?

  • Brian

    I bought the bike and I’m happy it, I’m 6’-3 250 LBS.
    Easy to ride, shifting is easy and has a nice seat for long rides.
    I may buy heavier duty pedals for my weight.
    I own a Specialised Stump Jumper and like the Dahom MU 360 for general riding over the stump jumper.
    You sit more upright, less strain on your arms and back and hands. The hand grips are different and support the more of your hand.
    I think I made a good choice

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