Dahon Vybe D7 Folding Bike Review

We review the Vybe D7, a lightweight aluminium folding bike from Dahon.

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Dahon Vybe D7 Folding Bike Review


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The Dahon Vybe D7 is a lightweight aluminum folding bike with 20″ wheels with an adjustable handlebar that accommodates different riding positions.

This sleek and zippy easy-to-ride folding bike is a great solution for anyone looking for a faster and simple folding bike. Its minimalist design makes it easy to fold and unfold in minutes, and despite it’s 20″ wheels it rides very similar to a full size bike. It has an option for fenders and a bungee-corded back rack, which are a great option to include on a 20″ ride. It’s a quick, sporty bike, and a very high-quality bike for its price point.

Ideally it would fold a little more compact and thus make it even easier to store. For those wanting to carry a lot of stuff on their ride, the back rack is too small to accommodate large panniers because of the wheel size, making it a great fit for office commuters but maybe not the best choice if you’re frequently trying to haul huge amounts of groceries or supplies.

This bike is ideally suited for someone on the go who likes to be quick.  It is also well suited for someone used to riding a flat bar commuter bike, as the riding position is a little more aggressive than a bike like the Dahon Briza.

Simple, easy and fun, the Dahon Vybe D7 is a slick little folding bike that’s geared towards everyday commuters.

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