Dish Forever Black Skinny Jeans Review

We review the Dish performance denim Forever Black skinny jeans.

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Dish Cycling Jeans

The Dish Forever Black Skinny jeans are performance denim from Dish’s everyday line. They’re ultra-stretchy, moisture-wicking and designed to keep their true black color through repeated washing.



TELL YOUR FRIENDS These are my new favorite jeans by a mile. No kidding, they’re amazing. I haven’t put the wash thing to the most rigorous testing because I basically haven’t taken them off since I got them. (Kidding, I’ve washed them a few times, but you get the point). They’re insanely stretchy, they look like jeans but feel like yoga pants, but not quite so much that you feel like you’re wearing jeggings. They stay tight through repeated wears, and fit really well. I usually have a hard time finding the right fit with skinny jeans because I’m pretty short and my thighs are big relative to my waist, but they fit and are flattering, and aren’t too tight on the thighs or butt. The waist is the right height to sit on the bike without showing too much, ahem, skin, and the pockets are deep enough in the front and back that I can keep coins in there without them falling out.

WISH LIST I would love it if they had one of those cool reflective stripes on the inside of the pant leg, and maybe a reinforced crotch. Although I’ve been riding in them every day for a few months now and the crotch shows no signs of wear so I’m not sure that’s necessary.

SUMMARY I honestly love these jeans. They’re super comfortable and flattering, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new pair of everyday jeans that work as well on the bike as they do in the bar.

Hilary Angus is the Online Editor at Momentum Mag. She is always on the move and dislikes shopping, so she gets excited about clothes that work for her rather than the other way around. @HilaryAngus


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  • I love my pair of Dish Jeans! I think it’s great that they forego a lot of the “bike jeans” cliches, i.e. reinforced crotch and reflective trim, for excellent fit and great performance fabric.

    I don’t get the reinforced crotch thing anyway. It’s uncomfortable and when the top layer of fabric wears out, it still looks bad to have all those wear marks on the seat.

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