Double Bike Trailer Review: Burley D’Lite

Momentum Mag reviews the Burley D’Lite double bike trailer.

Burley D’Lite $629 USD

The Burley D’Lite trailer comes with a tow arm and hitch as well as an integrated handlebar. The cargo space is uniquely enclosed and integrated into the trailer, which is really handy for accessing the brake and for keeping everything dry and in one place. It has an amazing cargo capacity for how small it looks. It weighs 28 lbs (12.7 kg). For the Stroller Kit and additional Standard Forged Hitch add $91 USD.

Tell your friends: The Burley D’Lite is sleek and looks really compact for a double stroller without compromising capacity and comfort. Its weather cover is well integrated and opens and closes with ease.

Wishlist: A design enhancement to the hitch that would guide the tow arm attachment from going to far into the hitch would be welcome, while the current hitch is easy to use, you do need to match the holes of the tow arm attachment to the two holes on the hitch in order to set the attachment pin in place.

This trailer is right for you if: You are looking for a sleek-looking trailer that offers a wide variety of accessories so you can use the trailer for more than just transportation purposes such as jogging and skiing.

Overall: The Burley D’Lite is compact yet roomy thanks to its bowed-out sides. We loved the integrated enclosed storage. For strolling, you have the option of a one-wheel or a two-wheel system. We opted for the one-wheeled system as it provided the quickest changeover from trailer to stroller. While the D’Lite folds down flat, it can take a bit of hand strength to open and close the latching system. The integrated height-adjustable handlebar that doubles as a roll bar is a nice touch for comfort and ease of strolling. A way to recline the seats a bit would be an asset. The seating angle of the D’lite is great for short trips, allowing the kids to look out and enjoy the ride, but once they fall asleep it would be great to be able to recline them back a bit. The Burley D’Lite had one of the most upright seats of all the trailers we tested.

Their website is worth perusing for an abundance of family-friendly accessories. The Burley D’Lite is a solid double trailer choice.

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