Double Bike Trailer Review: Chariot Cougar 2

Momentum Mag reviews the Chariot Cougar 2 double bike trailer.

Chariot Cougar 2 $685 USD/ $725 CAD

The Chariot Cougar 2 is ready for you to accessorize. It comes with two 20” tires, a height adjustable handlebar, adjustable suspension, a rear storage pod, a weather cover and weighs 28 lbs (12.7 kg). To be able to ride with it you will need to purchase the Bicycle Trailer kit. For the Bicycle Trailer kit, Stroller kit and additional ezHitch add $180 USD/ $204 CAD

Tell your friends: The Cougar 2 rolls well and is easy to maneuver. The Chariot’s ball and socket ezHitch was easier to use than any of the others we tested.

Wishlist: It would have been great if there were more points on the trailer to attach different styles of locks to when we left it parked outside for the day. We found that after some time the weather cover clips would easily pop off, a more secure fastener along the bottom edge would be a great improvement.

This trailer is right for you if: You are looking for a trailer that is easy to hitch and will offer you many opportunities to have fun with your kids outdoors as there is a plethora of accessories available such as a hiking kit, ski kit, jogging kit and more.

Overall: The Cougar 2 with the bicycle trailer kit and the stroller kit accessories is a dependable and easy to use trailer. While the bill adds up when you get all of the accessories you want, you’ll also note that on Craigslist used Chariots hold their value pretty well. I also found myself loving and disliking the angle of the seats. The kids, especially when they are smaller, look like they would be more comfortable in a seat that was a bit more upright on short trips so they could see out without having to prop their head upright. When on long trips the reclining angle was great, as the kids could sleep and they would lean their heads against each other. If you have a bike with a Shimano 7, 8, Alfine or SRAM i-Motion internal-gear hub, Chariot offers a hitch adapter for about $20 to make it possible to attach the hitch on what otherwise would have been too short of an axle.

The Chariot Cougar 2 is a great trailer. The only downside is that the Cougar 2 is so fun to use that you’ll be tempted to purchase the full range of amazing Chariot accessories, all sold separately, unfortunately.

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