Double Bike Trailer Review: Wike Premium Double

Momentum Mag reviews the Wike Premium Double bike trailer.

Wike Premium Double $499 USD/ CAD

The Wike Premium Double comes with two 20” push button quick release wheels, two five-point padded harnesses, big tinted side windows for UV protection and a tow bar that doubles as a stroller push bar when you flip it up. There is also under-seat storage as well as a storage pod behind the trailer. You also get a well integrated hide-a-way front screen and rain screen. This is the only trailer we tested that already comes with two hitches. Made in Guelph, ON, Canada. Add $110-115 USD/ CAD for strolling kit and shipping in Continental USA + Canada/

Tell your friends: At 21.5 lbs (9.75 kg) the Wike Premium Double was the lightest trailer we tested.

Wishlist: I’d love to see a sunscreen added to the existing hide-away mesh screen and rain screen for days that we found ourselves biking into the sun. A design enhancement to the hitch that would keep the tow arm attachment from inserting too far when attaching it to the hitch would be welcome. While the current hitch is easy to use, you do need to match the holes of the tow arm attachment to the two holes on the hitch in order to set the attachment pin in place.

Overall: The Wike Premium Double design features a nicely rounded frame reminiscent of a charming vintage carriage. This trailer is larger than all of the other trailers we tested, but that is not always a bad thing as it has plenty of headroom and legroom. Wike suggests that you could even fit a 6-year-old in there and I would agree. With all of the storage capacity on this trailer you will find it a breeze to do your weekly shopping, whether at the farmers’ market or Costco (or both). You’ll want to make sure that you evenly distribute the weight of the goods throughout the trailer as too much weight in the storage pod can tip it backwards. The Wike Premium Double trailer is a great value.

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