Double Bike Trailer Review: Zigo Mango X2 Complete

Momentum Mag reviews the Zigo Mango X2 Complete double bike trailer.

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Zigo Mango X2 Complete $599 USD

The Zigo Mango X2 Complete comes with jogging kit, bike trailer tow arm, one trailer hitch and one child restraint harness. Additional highlights include drum brakes for smooth braking by hand while jogging or when walking down a steep hill. It weighs 31 lbs (14.1 kgs) with casters. Add $91.94 USD for a second Trailer Hitch, Storage Pod and Restraint Harness.

Tell your friends: The Zigo Mango X2 is was the most narrow of all the trailers we tested.

Wishlist: We’d love to see an improvement to the trailer hitch. The metal hitch used a ball joint that lacks the swivel range of other brands. The hitch we used bent because it did not have the range of motion needed to accommodate more that a 45-degree tilt, which is important when your bike inevitably falls over while transferring kids in and out. Luckily it was the hitch that bent and not the frame of the bike in our case.

Overall: The Zigo Mango X2 Complete has one major advantage over other trailers; right out of the box it is ready to stroll and jog without purchasing additional accessories. The design considerations that went into the Zigo are unique. With its narrow body, dual drum brakes, front bumper and great attachment points for locking your Mango no matter where you are, we think the Mango has a lot of potential. It is very price competitive with other jogging strollers on the market. Refinement to the trailer hitch and more secure attachment points for the rain/ environment cover will make this trailer one to keep your eye out for.

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