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Electric bicycles are not new technology. In fact, the first motor-propelled bicycles were documented with various US patents in the late 1890s, but the technology never really gathered steam, so to speak. In their modern incarnation, electric bicycles with torque sensors and power controls were developed in the 1990s, quickly gaining popularity in China and India, but remaining relatively slow to catch on in other parts of the world.

With the rapid global trend toward urbanization and the welcome retreat of car-dominance on city streets, e-bikes are now quickly growing in popularity around the world. Fulfilling the promise of flattening hills, extending distances, and lightening the load, electric bicycles are a viable transportation choice for busy, active lifestyles that won’t break the bank. The transformative impact this technology will have on the urban form is only now beginning to reveal itself.

Over the last few years we have watched with growing interest as e-bike technology and designs have evolved to become ever more elegant and easy to use. Electric bicycles are still bicycles that retain the function of using human energy to turn the pedals and move forward. This is a beautiful human-electric hybrid propulsion system that augments the power of the user to use their energy to get around, climb up hills they would not otherwise have dared or just to do it faster and with less perspiration. Electric bicycles are now durable, reliable and convenient. In our latest free guide, we explore some of the different ways they provide solutions for different users, outline the different types of e-bikes available, give a briefer on the mechanics and electronics of e-bikes, and offer buyer’s advice on purchasing your own electric bicycle. Enter your email address in the widget below to get your copy! 

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In this guide we explore some of the different ways an e-bike can provide solutions for different users, outline the different types of e-bikes available, give a briefer on the technological components, and offer some advice on purchasing your own electric bicycle.

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