The e-JOE Epik Lite Folding E-Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the e-JOE Epik Lite

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Photo by David Niddrie

Photo by David Niddrie

PRICE: $1349 USD


The e-JOE Epik Lite is a folding e-bike featuring a 350 watt motor with a 36v/ 7Ah battery hidden in the frame. It features pedalassist and throttle modes, 20” Kenda puncture-resistant tires along with front and rear fenders, LED lights, and a rear rack. Available in five colors and weighs under 40 pounds (18 kilograms).


I loved whipping around the city on this bike. Anyone who saw me giggling uncontrollably on this machine as I raced up a hill, feet out, knew that I was having the time of my life. New to e-bikes, jumping on the Epik Lite was a joy from the first ride. Having only one gear was not a problem as I could always turn the motor on at any moment, though a higher gear would have been better for faster speeds. Being both a folding and an e-bike, the Epik Lite is perfect for anyone living in a city who needs to bring their bike inside an apartment or wants to travel with their bike. The rear rack allowed me to bring a small pannier, or strap something on, and the integrated lighting made for a carefree ride at anytime of the day. I certainly found this a very appealing introduction to the possibility of e-bikes.

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