Early Rider Balance Bike Review

Testing a light, wooden run bike.

Early Rider Original Lite

$ 170 CAD


This wooden run bike comes with inflatable tires, restricted steering and weighs 3.25kg or 7.16 lbs. Suitable for kids 1.5- 3.5 years old, 85 cm tall with an inside leg length of 33cm. It has a seat height range of 29.5- 38 cm


The padded wooden seat seems to have been very comfortable. The large inflatable tires smooth out the bumps very well. The headset has two felt preventers that stop the handlebars from spinning around which reduces the number of times my daughter dropped the bike.


Inflatable tires are generally trouble free, but if you happen to need to fix a flat the small tires can be a little challenging. We’ve had it for 4 months and it hasn’t been an issue yet.

Ideal Rider

This is a small run bike suited for smaller children. They will be happy to have a light bike!


The ride seemed very smooth, it is light and the wooden frame makes it look pretty slick. We’ve had the bike for four months and our daughter wants to ride it every day even though she’s still learning to coordinate sitting on the seat and running at the same time.

Gwendal Castellan is an Energy Advisor who travels to most of his appointments using his Larry vs. Harry Bullitt cargo bicycle.

Twitter @Gwendal_C

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