ECOXGEAR ECOROX Bike Speaker Review

Momentum Mag reviews the ECOXGEAR ECOROX Wireless Bluetooth Bike Speaker.

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The ECOXGEAR ECOROX is a palm-sized, wireless, Bluetooth speaker that is completely waterproof (IPX7 rating) and floats. The unit is equipped with integrated music controls, speakerphone, and a camera-thread mount. It’s a smart, little package that comes in three different colors.

The ECOROX has a peculiar feature – when powered on, it will pair with the last device available and instantly begin to play music. On a number of occasions, the speaker actually chose a random track and began to play DJ all on its own. I also found that Bluetooth connectivity can be inconsistent, especially when line of sight is interrupted such as when your phone is in back pocket and the speaker is on a front rack.

While the suite of features on the ECOROX is impressive, I wish the speaker had more punch and dynamic range for this price point. Indoors, the speaker generates good sound volume, but while riding it is difficult to really pump up the jams. It is very portable and rugged, but if sound quality (especially in the low-end spectrum) is your number one priority, then you may want to listen to some other options before you purchase.

$129.99 USD

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