Electra Presents New Townie Go! 8i 2016 Model

Electra’s 2016 model, the Townie Go! 8i, includes a number of new features including a Bosch motor.

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TOWNIE_GO_BOSCH_LADIES_AZUREElectra has come out with a new model of the popular Townie Go! Model, the Townie Go! 8i. The original model, an easy to use, pedal assist bike consists of a system that kicks in immediately when you start pedaling to give you that extra boost. The pedal assist along with Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology, makes these fun, stylish bikes a pleasure to ride. The Townie Go! also includes the Bosch Performance electric-assist system that can be controlled with a simple on/off button.

The new 2016 model, the Townie Go! 8i includes some new upgrades; instead of the two-speed gear hub auto-shifts, the new model will feature a Shimano eight-speed internal gear hub, which allows the rider to adjust their cadence based on speed so that the rider can control output and battery life.

Moreover, clearly wanting to take the Townie Go! to the next level, Electra has paired up with Bosch. Though Bosch started out in the automobile industry, they have shifted their focus to the electric bike experience. Bosch looks to provide an experience that is safe, comfortable, as well as environmentally sustainable.

Their 250 watt mid-drive unit allows riders to cruise at speeds up to  20mph (32km/ hr) and doesn’t require a throttle. Subsequently, the Lithium-ion battery allows the bike to function over different terrains: asphalt or gravel, riding up hills or over flat road.

Since Electra boasts adaptability, the new line will also feature the Bosch Performance Line eBike system that gives you four modes to choose from:

  • Eco: Effective support at maximum efficiency
  • Tour: Steady support for long tours
  • Sport: Immediate, powerful support for athletic riding off-road and in city traffic
  • Turbo: Direct, powerful support up to maximum cadence for athletic riding

The upgraded model will feature the Intuvia control center that acts as an on-board computer, trading data throughout the system. This new technology optimizes performance while concurrently allowing the rider to switch between the different modes, mentioned above. The rider will also be able to check their speed, distance, and battery power level.

The new model will also include a lightweight 606 T6 aluminum frame, as well as front and rear LED lighting. The Townie Go! 8i will be presenting a frame lock keyed to match the battery lock and an ally rear rack. To tie it all together, the new model will additionally include painted rims and alloy fenders.

The new line of Townie Go! 8i bikes will live up to Electra’s stylish reputation and will come in a variety of colors from Azure, or Ebony, to Polished Silver. Townie Go! 8i is looking to make biking fun, whether commuting or for pleasure. You can do it stylishly, efficiently, and with this new model – without breaking a sweat!



  • Jeanne

    So far so good, but should I overthink the dangers of the battery warnings. What if I am riding in 80 degree weather, or concerned about keeping in the garage during a heat wave? I’m excited to use our new townie go bikes, but the warnings are causing me to hesitate a bit. Any advice givers out there. Anyone hear of reports about these batteries causing fires or explosions or other dangers.

    • ags2017

      I’ve had mine for about a month and love it. I too was concerned about the battery and the temperature in my garage. Since I’m also somewhat concerned about theft and don’t want to worry about someone taking it out of our garage if we leave the door open, I decided to just take the battery off the bike when I finish a ride and bring it inside with me.

      The bike charger is in one of those charging station wooden boxes along with chargers for my phone and tablet. I keep the battery there whether I need to charge it or not so I always know where it is when I go for my next ride.

      It still takes effort to get up steep hills, but I’m not nearly as winded as I used to be. This bike has caused a major shift in how I view biking. I no longer worry if it’s windy out or if we’re going to hit some smaller hills around us because I know they don’t pose a challenge for me anymore. If I start breathing harder than I want pedaling into the wind I just use the power and I’m fine. It’s really fun to go so fast with so little effort. Biking has become fun again instead of just seeming like exercise.

      My husband is a stronger biker than me, particularly on hills, and this e-bike has been the great equalizer. Now I’m first to the top of hills. I probably use the pedal assist about half of the time I’m pedaling. Sometimes using a little boost and sometimes using a lot (steep hills). I smile just thinking about my next ride.

  • Donna

    Will this bike get me up a long fairly steep hill without too much rider input (knees not as good as they used to be) new to electric bikes.

    • Steve

      Bought this for my wife, who has similar issues. She loves it. In turbo mode, she can get up a 10 degree hill in flip flops without breathing too heavy. The Bosch system is the way to go – smooth and quiet. Incredible battery life.

  • Dale Steele Nicolov

    Wow,what a fabulous bike!

  • Cathy Bradford

    Absolutely love this bike! 🙂

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