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From blogger to shop owner, how Eva Mohr helps curate essential lifestyle products for women who want to ride.

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Eva Mohr started blogging about her fashionable cycling finds to help get more women into city cycling. As demand for the products highlighted on the blog increased, Mohr and co-founder Mela Holcomb, started Allthatiwant, a fashion blog and online store that curates essential lifestyle products for cycling in style.

I asked Mohr a few questions about bikes, what it’s like to run a blog and online store, and the things she never leaves the house without.

Molly Millar: What inspired you to start Allthatiwant?

Eva Mohr: I started Allthatiwant with my co-founder, Mela, in 2012. We’ve been working together on design and business ideas since high school and it was just a matter of time before we would start a company together.

I grew up in Europe riding my bike everywhere. After graduating, I moved abroad and lived in cities like LA and NYC, where biking was still my preferred form of transportation. As a big bicycle advocate, I’m involved in several cycling and city development initiatives to get more people, especially women, into city cycling and commuting by bike.

I always assumed that women were less likely to bike in cities because of traffic or a lack of infrastructure, but most women I talked to were more like: “I don’t bike because I don’t like to sweat and wear ugly spandex!” 

To me that wasn’t a valid excuse and I was inspired to blog about my experience city cycling, and share fashion findings and stylish outfit ideas that make everyday cycling more fashionable and fun. Immediately, I received many messages from readers, asking for advice on clothes, what kind of sweat-proof makeup I wear, or where they can buy the recommended products. A few months after launching the blog, co-founder Mela and I decided to take Allthatiwant to the next level: we added an online shop to offer the products that we’d been writing about, and eventually turned our joint passion for bicycles and fashion into a business model.

MM: What do you like the most about running Allthatiwant?

EM: I basically created my dream job! I work with my closest friends on the two things I’m most passionate about: fashion and bicycles. Although we work really hard, and starting a business has its struggles and long working hours, it’s also an incredible learning experience. I don’t want to miss a day in running our company and in making people on bikes look more fashionable.

MM: What three things would you never leave the house without when going on a ride?

EM: An extra pair of bike lights. Light scarf. Paper tissues (I always have a pack hidden under my saddle).

MM: What is the most exciting bicycle-related product you’ve seen so far for 2014?

EM: One of my favorite bike gear items is the Urban Pedal by MOTO Bicycles. I love this platform pedal not only because of its sleek design, but also because I believe it’s the safest pedal for everyday use: perfect for cycling in high heels, slippery leather shoes, or even barefoot. 

Recently MOTO came out with a new pedal concept, which just won the Green Product Award. The body of the new platform pedal is based on biopolymers and renewable resources that are also compostable. The new pedal looks even more sleek and elegant and I can’t wait for them to go into production this year!

MM: Who do you most admire?

EM: My mum, for everything she has achieved in life while always remaining true to herself. She always encouraged me to work hard to be able to do the things I love, taught me that failure is a good thing, and, that with lots of persistence, I may be able to reach my goals and be able to live the life that I want … and if not I just have to keep trying.


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