Faraday Smashes its Funding Goal for “The Most Elegant E-bike Ever.”

The Cortland bring’s Faraday’s elegant beauty in step-through form.

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In the ever-expanding e-bike market, Faraday Bikes continues to stand out. While they’re not the only brand making e-bikes that look and ride like regular bicycles, they are one of the very few making e-bikes that look and ride like particularly beautiful regular bicycles.

The company’s first models, the Porteur and Porteur S, managed to seamlessly blend power and style to create an electric bike that was as stunning as it was functional. So that’s why it comes as no surprise that the Kickstarter campaign for the latest offering, the Cortland, has blown past its funding goal by a cool $33,000 with 13 days remaining.

The Cortland builds on the design of the two previous models with a few exciting changes. Most obviously, it’s a step-through, where the previous two models were diamond frames. Faraday is building its brand around providing beautiful, functional e-bikes for urban commuters, and as the crowdfunding video humorously points out, having a step-through option is a must for their market.

Mechanically, the Cortland has a higher capacity battery (290Wh for 25 miles of assisted riding), updated software, and a more efficient motor (250W with a peak of 350W) than the Porteur Models. It also comes with an auxiliary battery pack (obviously wrapped in a stylish leather case) to double the bike’s battery life and allow for remote charging while on the road. It has an option for a GPS Tracking Device to be hidden within the frame for retrieval in case of theft, and comes with an app that will allow you to customize your ride by updating power settings, tracking rides, and adjusting your lights. Otherwise, it has the same durable steel frame and devilish good looks as the Porteur line.

While Faraday has already raised $133,000 on a $100,000 funding goal, there are still 13 days to donate to the campaign if you’d like to get an early bird deal on the Cortland, or upgrade your existing Faraday with the auxiliary battery or GPS tracker. Faraday expects to ship in August 2016.

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