Get Up and Ride’s Classic Tour is All About Brooklyn

Get to know one of New York’s trendiest boroughs on this 5-hour tour.

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Get Up and Ride
Brooklyn, NY

Tour: The Classic Brooklyn Tour
Length: Covers about 9 miles (14.5 km) in 3 hours of riding, plus 2 hour of stops
When to book: Book online in advance. Tours five days a week at 11 am. Routes and prices change slightly between winter and summer seasons.
Group size: 8-10
Cost: $79 USD ($84 CAD) per person

From Williamsburg to Brooklyn Heights and Greensboro to the Navy Yard, this comprehensive tour will show you what Brooklyn is really about. Learn about local history and culture via headset and walkie-talkie as you ride past the parks, restaurants, bars and shops that make Brooklyn one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the country. Stops include Brooklyn’s “Best Pizza,” the largest rooftop farm in the world, and a local artisan coffee roaster.

Get Up and Ride also offers bike rentals and customizable tours. Because of the success of their Classic Brooklyn Tour, they are ready to take on more of the city. Keep an eye on their website for the upcoming launch of the Classic Manhattan Tour!

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