Fietsklik: A “Klik” Toward the Perfect Rear Rack

“If your bike can do more, you can ride more,” is the inspiration behind Amsterdam-based Fietsklik.

“If your bike can do more, you can ride more,” is the inspiration behind Amsterdam-based Fietsklik.

This innovative team has come up with a new rear rack adapter that allows a family of products to be secured with an easy “Klik.” The idea came about when Natha Wassink Smit, one of the company’s founders, had a minor run-in with a car while biking to a party carrying a case of beer precariously in one hand. After this mishap, Fietsklik’s founders realized that the only product on the market that could handle a case of beer was a milk crate twist-tied to a rear rack. They soon set about trying to change that. The result is a line of interchangeable and versatile urban biking accessories designed for running errands, shopping, commuting, and taking the kids to school.

The Klik adapter is the base on which the rest of the Fietsklik series of accessories are built around. The Crate is large enough for a 24 case of beer, groceries, or anything else, really. Using the Klik locking system, the crate secures to the adapter and allows you to easily detach it to bring items inside. Built-in wheels and an extendable handle make carrying heavier items in The Crate easier. “Take it off your bike and go right to the kitchen,” said Jonathan Akers, one of Fietsklik’s team members. On rainy days, The Crate’s included top cover is essential for keeping contents dry and is available in a wide range of colors to match any bike.

This multifunctional and interchangeable family of products also includes Fietsklik’s Explorer messenger bag, Big Shopper pannier, Urban Office laptop bag, and a still in development Child Seat. Each of these products uses the patented Klik system to lock on and off the adapter and all are constructed from recycled materials in the Netherlands.

As part of their ongoing Kickstarter campaign, ending on May 1, 2014, Fietsklik is trying to raise enough money to allow them to finish developing their Child Seat and pay for it’s expensive safety certification. Having already reached their funding goal of $40,000 Fietsklik is now able to further develop The Crate and continue looking develop even more possible additions like a pet carrier.

Fietsklik’s family of products are available through their Kickstarter page where you can purchase their adapter and your choice of products to easily Klik to your bike.

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