Five Great Bike-friendly Hotels

From fleets of complimentary bikes to bike share memberships, a stay at a bike-friendly hotel comes loaded with perks.

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Responding to the growing demand from guests for bike-related activities and amenities, many hotels are now adopting bike-friendly policies. “From the start, a hotel that provides bicycle amenities thinks differently about how they want you to experience their city,” said Megan Ramey, Founder of Bikabout, an online resource for biking in cities that includes a list of bike-friendly accommodations. “The experience is the biggest benefit you receive from staying at a bike-friendly hotel.”

To be considered for the Bikabout listing of bike-friendly hotels, a list of possible amenities and nearby attractions is considered. “Amenities include a bikefriendly concierge, city bike maps, fix-it or washing stations, bike valet, ability for guests to bring their bike in their room, secure indoor and outdoor parking, proximity to a bike share station, proximity to a cycle track or bike trail, custom picnic baskets, or an organized bike tour,” said Ramey.

There are now more than 120 bike-friendly hotels listed on, and for Ramey this is a clear indication that bicycles are becoming a sought-after part of city travel. “When you walk or bike, you are more likely to eat at a local restaurant, stop for coffee, visit a local bookstore, sit on a park bench, or play with your children at a nearby playground,” said Ramey. “These experiential memories will give you a taste of that city’s good life.”

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