Gazelle Tour Populair Export T8 City Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Gazelle Tour Populair Export T8 bike.

PRICE: $1,499


AVAILABLE: Online and in select bicycle shops

The Tour Populair Export T8 is an upright, Dutch, step-through city bike that includes essentials like rear rack, skirt guard, chainguard, and fenders. Made with a Shimano Nexus 8-speed internal-gear-hub, comfortable Brooks England leather saddle, hub dynamo-powered lights, and drum brakes. Available in sizes 57, 61, and 66. 10-year guarantee on equipment and construction faults on frame and forks and 2-year guarantee on other parts covering normal use and maintenance.


The Gazelle Tour Populair Export is the quintessential Dutch upright bicycle. Riding this bike feels wonderful because your body position is non-aggressive, allowing you to enjoy the ride at a easy pace. This bike has all the accessories crucial for urban riding – internal 8-speed hub, fenders, completely enclosed chain case, skirt guard, a matching steel rear rack. Other features included without added cost are the hub dynamo-powered front and rear lights as well as a rear wheel lock, offering premium security for your bicycle.


Because Gazelle designs and builds bicycles to leave little complication for the end-user, the bicycle comes fully-loaded with everything you could need in a city bike, right down to a fun bell. There isn’t anything more they could add to meet my needs as an urban cyclist.


The Tour Populair is perfect for the urban rider looking to take an easy pace to commute to work and run errands in their neighborhood. Because it weight in at nearly 50 pounds (23 kgs), it is better suited to riders living in areas with less inclines, as, even with 8 speeds, it can be a struggle to pedal up steeper grades. The sleek black frame definitely gets noticed, and the steel frame is sturdy enough for daily use. This is the perfect utilitarian bicycle for the daily commuter who is looking for style over speed.


Being a lover of all things city-bike, I thoroughly enjoyed riding the Gazelle Tour Populair Export. The classic Dutch design rides like a dream. It is so user friendly, I didn’t have to think about anything other than enjoying the ride. When on the saddle it almost felt like lounging, putting no strain on my back, shoulder, and wrists and I loved that I didn’t ever have to worry about dirt or grease with the enclosed chain, large fenders, and skirt guard. If I ever move to a relatively flat city, this would most certainly be my bicycle of choice.

Melissa Bruntlett is a city-bicycle owner and enthusiast, living in Vancouver BC. She is co-owner of Modacity, a multi-service consultancy, focused on inspiring healthier, happier, simpler forms of urban mobility through words, photography and film. When not writing, blogging or consulting, she spends her time riding around her beautiful city with her husband and two young children. @mbruntlett

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  • PL

    I have owned an 8 speed Tour Populair for several years and I agree with your statements about the way it rides and the low maintenance. I did change my tires and tubes (tires with kevlar and shraeder valve tubes) since they are easier to deal with in the US and its a major job to fix a flat (I live in an urban area where there is a lot of stuff in the road that can cause a puncture). Otherwise the sweetest & coolest ride ever!

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