Bike Style from Inside: Get to Know Opus

We caught up with Opus to get to know them a little better and discuss how they’re getting more people on bikes

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Opus Bike Urban Cycling

If you’re a fan of Momentum Mag you’ve likely seen the name Opus come up a few times. We’re big fans! Full disclosure, they have been fantastic partners of Momentum Mag over the years but truthfully, this brand is one to look out for as we can say that their city bikes are Momentum City Bike approved. Whether you discovered them while reading a review of one their bikes,  checking them out in our Annual Spring Gear Guide, or crushing on one while cruising through a protected intersection, we thought we’d get the inside on the company to see what they are really all about.  Enjoy our new series called “Bike Style from Inside”- where we get serious and silly about our favorite bike brands.  We want you to get to know and love the folks at Opus like we do.  

Opus Bikes has established itself as one of the four biggest bicycle manufacturers in Canada proving that this Quebec based cycling brand is achieving its goal of getting more people on bikes. And with the recent signing of a multi-year agreement with a US distributor they’ve now got the opportunity to get whole lot more people on bikes. We couldn’t be more excited for them!

Having met some of the Opus team it’s obvious they are passionate about cycling and want share that passion for bicycles with other riders, no matter the level. Whether you cycle for sport, recreation, commuting, or you are just looking for your first bike, Opus is ready for you. They design and build high quality bicycles that will suite your lifestyle and help you discover the joy of being on two wheels.

Opus Bike

Opus has invested a lot into the urban cycling market knowing that the social benefits of getting people out of cars and onto bikes is not only better for the environment but the community as well. With their wide range of urban bikes they can cater to the growing market and meet the needs of different types of riders so anyone can find a bike that meets their needs and riding style.

While the environment is one of the reasons Opus is inspired to get more people on bikes, they also support green living by building their bicycles in their LEED-certified headquarters. You may wonder how green your bike really is but when you purchase an Opus you can be proud knowing that your bike was built by a company making an conscious effort to reduce their greenhouse emissions.

We caught up with some of the folks at Opus and asked them a few questions so we could get to know them a bit better. Thanks Opus!

MM: How long has Opus been in business?

O: The first Opus bikes were seen in stores in 2001. At that time we offered with 5 performance road models.

MM: Where is Opus based?

O: Opus is located in Montréal, Canada. In our Leed-certified facilities, we employ 25+ employees in R&D, design, marketing and assembly. We are one of the few remaining bicycle companies in Canada to assemble bikes in Canada.

MM: What makes Opus different from other bicycle companies?
O: We’re a Canadian company with deep roots in cycling across Canada. We strongly believe in supporting the independent bicycle dealers and their communities. We strive to grow the cycling movement and to introduce new people to the many benefits of cycling. From group riding to cycling clubs, we believe that the more people we get on bikes, the more we all benefit as a society. Being different also means relating to the all types of cyclists and not only focusing on elite racers; no one’s left aside with our mindset.

MM: How many bicycles are in the Opus lineup?

O: For summer 2017, we are offering 105 models in our bicycle lineup, ranging from electric and urban bikes, to performance road and trail bikes, and a full range of youth bikes. We tailor some models to women, offer many models in a variety of colors and have youth models from 12-inch and up.

MM: What does the perfect city bike look like to Opus?

O: For us, the perfect bike is the bike that will make you want to hop your saddle every day regardless of what you want to do with it. For some, it’s about style or utility, for others, it’ll be about performance over anything else. The perfect bike is the bike that brings the right balance between quality, price and functionality. We’re proud to offer one of the largest City and Sport bicycle selection out there and we’re confident that we have something for every type of city rider.

Opus Bike Urban Cycling

MM: Besides making great bikes what else does Opus like to do?

O: We do some crazy things like riding e-bikes dressed like a Canadian Mountie during Sea Otter.  And we do the normal stuff too: Ride with friends on the weekend. Cheer on cyclists at local weekend events. Support local ambassadors and partners across Canada.

MM: What does picking up a US Distributor mean for the Opus brand?

O: It means that we can offer the great range of Opus bikes to all IBDs across North America. It also means that we can benefit from feedback from cyclists across all types of terrain, commutes and trails. It will help us make the bikes a better experience.

MM: Which bikes will be available to US customers?

O: At this time, almost all the models that we offer in the City & Sport, Electric, Road and Youth categories. Our goal is to offer all the Opus models in the near future.

MM: Can you tell us more about the Opus E-Bike Program?

O: The Opus Electric models were introduced in 2017 to complement the urban offering from Opus. It is a way to make urban cycling more accessible and convenient to city dwellers. Whether it is to share amongst family members as a 2nd vehicle, or to provide assistance to overcome the commute distance, the Opus electric bikes were designed to be affordable, efficient and user-friendly.

MM: Anything else we can look forward to in 2017?

O: Just in time for summer, we’re adding a new option in the City & Sport collection: the Classico Lightweight Women with Step-Through geometry.  Ever since we presented the Classico Lightweight last summer, we’ve had a hard time fulfilling orders. The new lightweight frame, stylish graphics, custom saddles and grips, will now be available on a lower step-through geometry more appealing to women. It will be offered in a new space black color scheme.

MM: If Opus was a meal what would you be?

O: All in one breakfast/dessert: Maple Syrup French Toast.

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