Giro Introduces New Road

Giro worked with designer Alex Valdman on their new apparel line, the New Road, that puts style on par with performance.

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Cycle chic for the recreational set?

Giro’s new apparel line, the New Road, features many items made of the original performance material, merino wool, a fabric that is inherently breathable, elastic, and stylish.

Giro worked with Alex Valdman, a third generation garment maker who first made his mark in the fashion world while still in college. Valdman’s experience started with one-of-a-kind, made-to-measure clothing worn by tastemakers and musicians with the line HomeRoom. In addition to consulting for The Gap, Kanye West’s Pastelle, and the legendary Supreme line of urban apparel, Valdman also helped develop Commuter by Levi’s, the clothing giant’s cycling-focused line of casual garments.

The tops, a selection of t-shirts, polos, longsleeves, and a button-up windshirt, look like the staples found in many men’s wardrobes. The cycling-specific details range from subtle vents for breathability to large rear pockets that while designed for tools could help you carry home a few smaller groceries in a pinch. Many of the pieces in the line are sewn in California.

All we’re left asking now is, what about a women’s line?

Giro New Road will be sold through select retailers in North America, Germany and Switzerland and

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