Giro Sutton Bike Helmet Review

We review the Sport Design Sutton, Giro’s sleek commuter bike helmet.

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The Giro Sutton is available in 5 sizes; XS, S, M, L, and XL, and is offered in 7 different matte color finishes; White, Black, Glowing Red, Highlight Yellow, Navy, Mil Spec Olive, and Industrial Green.

This is a great commuter helmet! I honestly just picked it up because it didn’t look like a racing helmet and was available in such a fun color (I wore the “glowing red” style), but this helmet has a bunch of commuter-friendly features. It has a port specifically for leaving it locked to your bike, so you don’t have to worry about people snipping your straps! It has 3 inconspicuous reflectors on the back, and a clip for lights. The removable visor was helpful on a sunny day or two, and it was all-around quite comfortable. I received quite a few “cute helmet” comments on this baby.

My one real issue with this helmet is that, although it packs 8 vents, it can become pretty hot in there. If you’re heading to work a little late, for instance, or riding up a hill, this helmet is not the greatest. Just because of that, I probably wouldn’t purchase it myself (because I love riding fast), but I can see a casual rider or a commuter who doesn’t have too many hills loving this helmet to bits.

Overall, I loved this helmet. If I didn’t already own a Giro helmet that fit my big head so well, I’d probably buy this one. It made me feel stylish, confident, and definitely fit right into my casual riding/bike-commuter lifestyle. I’d recommend it to the daily rider for sure.

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  • scotto

    From the article:
    “I probably wouldn’t purchase it myself …”
    Next paragraph:
    “I’d probably buy this one.”

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