Good Read – The Bike Owner’s Handbook

Momentum Mag review The Bike Owner’s Handbook by Peter Drinkell.

Written by:

By Peter Drinkell

Cicada Books, 2012

paperback, 112 pages

$14.95 US/CAD

Reviewed by Susi Wunsch

Photographer and road cyclist Peter Drinkell’s guide is primarily for urban cyclists. It reduces simple repairs, like fixing a flat or adjusting a brake pad, to the most practical and least intimidating basics and includes hand-drawn illustrations that hark back to early bicycle manuals. As a bonus, a QR code at the end of each chapter links to a short video demonstrating the repair.

Drinkell’s stunning photos emphasize the simple beauty of bicycles. This compact and elegant edition is a welcome addition to any cyclist’s bookshelf or bike bag.

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