Hiplok’s 2016 Line of Wearable Bike Locks

Hiplok focuses on security and safety with their three new lines of wearable bike locks.

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Hiplok recently launched their 2016 line of wearable bike locks, the SUPERBRIGHT series, the DX range, and the Hiplok FLX. The ultra-reflective bike locks offers functional design with an emphasis on rider usability.

The Hiplok SUPERBRIGHT series features a highly reflective sleeve for a hi-visibility and wearable design. The lock is rated for high-risk urban areas and, by using the integrated fastening, the lock can be adjusted to fit around the rider’s waist without locking. The SUPERBRIGHT locks are available in Gold, Original, or Lite depending on the level of security required by the rider.

The DX Range comprises what the brand is calling their strongest D-lock ever. The lock is highlighted by a wearable design with a slim profile, as well as integrated slips for easy fit on to belts, bag straps, or in pockets. The new DX lock also has increased locking circumference and a 14mm hardened steel anti-twist shackle lock with an ultimate Gold Sold Secure Security rating. The new DXC additionally includes a steel cable that clips into the “D” so your saddles and accessories are protected.

For the rider who likes to keep gear to a minimum, the Hiplok FLX offers duel functionality as a wearable café-style cable lock as well as a rear safety light. The Hiplok FLX has a retractable steel cable with an integrated clip and a combination lock. The lock also has a rear flashing red LED light incorporated into its design. Its size, weight, and duel function as a bike light and a lock make it an easy gear addition when riding with only the essentials.

Hiplock’s goal is to build bicycle security, while at the same time addressing the issues associated with carrying secure bike locks. With this new line they hope to innovate and broaden the market by offering a range of useful options for different riders everywhere.

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