Interbike 2017 Highlights

With bikes, gear, tech, bike style, and more filling the Interbike show floor, it was nearly impossible to not get excited for the year ahead.

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Another year of walking the Interbike show floor and no matter how sore our feet get we never get tired of discovering what companies are coming out with cool new products. With bikes, e-bikes, gear, tech, bike style, and more filling the show floor, it was nearly impossible to not get excited for the year ahead. Here are the products that grabbed our attention.

Tern GSD

Tern – GSD
The GSD is designed to carry two kids, a week’s worth of groceries, or 400lbs of cargo, but it’s only 6 feet long—the same length as a standard ebike. With Tern’s best-in-class folding technology, it packs down small enough to fit in a VW Touran or an urban apartment. Plus, it adjusts to fit riders from 4-8″ to 6′ 4″—so mom, dad and the kids can all share it.


KaZAM Mini


KaZAM – Mini
The KaZAM mini is perfect for any toddler who is actively in motion, developing motor skills. Stylish and durable, the KaZAM mini is designed with three wheels and a curved frame. Simple, classic, sure to delight!





Get turn-by-turn navigation straight on your handlebar, through an intuitive halo of light. Let SmartHalo guide you towards the quickest and safest routes. As soon as the sun sets, SmartHalo’s light turns on automatically. When your ride is finished, it shuts down on its own. The internal motion sensor makes sure that any persistent meddling with your sacred two-wheeler triggers a loud alarm.


WIKE Salamander

WIKE – Salamander

The Salamander Cycle/Stroller operates perfectly as a Dutch style cargo bicycle or a child stroller and transitions between the two instantly and without effort. You can cycle to the bus or subway, convert to a stroller and enter the transit system, then go everywhere that transit can take you. You can cycle to a mall or an apartment building, convert to stroller, and walk in.



Wallerang Modular System
All Wallerang bikes are equipped with the WMS platforms. It’s a unique solution for front and rear travel equipment. And the ease of use is striking! Over the week, there is a lot of different things that you need to carry with you in your daily commute. The WMS concept makes it possible and easy to just swap your baskets and accessori­es in a second. Simple as that.


Ortlieb Commuter Bag


Ortlieb – Commuter-Bag
The waterproof Commuter-Bag for bicycle commuters is a well-conceived space management system that includes a separate laptop compartment, a pen holder and a key strap. The bag’s snap buckles make it easier for you to quickly access the main compartment. The durable handle and the detachable shoulder strap make for comfortable carrying. The Commuter-Bag is available with the QL2.1 or the QL3.1 rack mounting system.





ABUS – Bordo Alarm 6000A
Alarm function on basis of the ABUS 3D detection system that means, that every movement is detected. Intelligent alarm – In case of small and short movement, e. g. the bike gets hit by a football, the lock only gives a short warning tone. When full alarm sounds it let’s out a 100 dB for 15 seconds attracting the attention of any bystander.




 Riese & Muller - The Packster 40

Riese & Muller – The Packster 40

The Packster 40 holds more than it promises: At 2.23 metres, it is only slightly longer than a conventional bike, despite its large cargo area. And that has a threefold impact: It is easily stored, weighs less than 30 kg and is surprisingly agile. The Packster 40 is extremely practical, offering an optional child seat that can easily be folded down into the footwell of the box, creating a sizable cargo area in an instant.


Green Guru Bags The Sixer


Green Guru – The Sixer
Smashing bottles as you ride over the curb is a thing of the past. The Sixer is a carrying and insulating solution for transporting your favorite beverages on the bike ride to the park or a friends house. It easily mounts over your top tube of your bicycle with Velcro straps then can be taken off when you arrive keeping your drinks cool in more ways than one.



Thousand Helmets


Thousand Helmets
A helmet you actually want to wear. Using vegan leather straps reinforced with nylon webbing. Seven air vents + internal cooling channels & liner + brim keep your head cool. Get great ventilation without the sci-fi design. Magnetic Buckle so you can say goodbye to pinched fingers.



MHL - Santorini S-102F Frame Bag


MHL – Santorini S-102F Frame Bag
Tired of how your back gets all sweaty when you use a backpack or messenger bag? Don’t like how panniers stick out on the sides? Maybe a nice leather frame bag by MHL is what you are looking for. This is the Santorini, made in Taiwan.





RideAir is a refillable multi-use portable air capsule that lets you inflate bicycle tires at a push of a button, it’s that simple! The RideAir capsule can be easily refilled using any air-compressor in any gas station. No more searching for the nearest bike shop every time you have a flat.


Runner Bags - The Jammer


Runner Bags – The Jammer
A unique high volume, rackless, universal handlebar/saddle bag. This bag is perfect for city commuting/road touring/dirt bike packing or casual beach rides  – load it up with the essentials and have plenty of room for more gear. When fully expanded the Jammer will reach up to 9.75L in volume and can be rolled down to more than half of that. Shout out to the founder, Brad Adams, for being such an welcoming and all around awesome guy!


Sena X1 Cycling Helmet


Sena – Smart Cycling Helmet
The first-ever Bluetooth integrated cycling helmet. Allowing for seamless smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth 4.1 to listen to music, GPS navigation, make and answer phone calls, and even receive data from fitness apps through the built in HD quality speakers. They helmet comes in a road cycling version and one more suited for the urban commuter.


Izip Modus eCommuter


IZIP – Modus eCommuter
The all new IZIP Modus uses a high performance Brose drive system. The 500w in-tube battery provides great range and looks streamline. Wide tires make it great for year round commuting and the ebike comes complete with fenders, lights, and rack. The structural fenders are extruded aluminum giving the ebike a modern and sleek city look. Available this November/December for around $3000 USD.



Tempo eBikes Santa Barbara

Tempo – Santa Barbara

The all new Santa Barbara offers all the luxury amenities you would expect from a premium brand and provides uncompromised style and performance. The new Santa Barbara model comes with 700c wheel and a larger step thru frame. The bicycles comes in six different sizes so whether you’re 4’9″ or 6’6″ you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit.


Space Cats Nutcase Helmets


Nutcase Helmets – Space Cats

Nutcase continues to make helmets even more fun to wear. They have turned a piece of safety equipment into something you want to put on without being told you should. This year at Interbike they introduced their Space Cats helmet which we all consider their most fun helmet yet. It’s a piece of art.



Bulls Cruiser E

Bulls – Cruiser E

The Bulls Cruiser E features a sleek wave design that is easy for any rider to get on and off. With the Bosche Active Line Plus you’ll experience pure riding enjoyment with support up to 25 km/h. And anyone who wants to go faster will benefit from minimal pedal resistance above 25 km/h. The 8-speed internal nexus hub, fenders, rear rack, and integrated light make it perfect from cruising around the city.



Primal Cycling Duck Bomber Jacket

Primal – Duke Bomber Jacket

Primal brings cycling-specific features to urban lifestyle wear, prefect for the urban commuter whether you’re on your way to the office or dinner with friends. The Duke Bomber Jacket caught our eye and features 2 side zipper pockets and 1 back pocket for all your carrying needs. Primal’s attention to detail makes sure the Duke caters to your on-bike needs while front ventilation helps keeps you cool.



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