Leota: Favorite New Fashion Find

Introducing Sarah Carson, the designer behind the versatile and easy-to-wear women’s line, Leota.

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Sarah Carson, the designer behind the versatile and easy-to-wear women’s line Leota, answers some of our questions about her brand, her biking essentials, and her inspiration.

What inspired you to start Leota?

When I started the company, I knew I wanted it to be about making women feel good about themselves with simple, easy-to-wear styles that never go out of style. It’s what I wanted for myself and why I started making dresses in the first place.

The company is named after my great grandmother, Leota. For my great grandmother, dressing up was not only for special occasions, a simple trip to the corner grocery was reason enough for a well cut day dress and a hint of rouge.

What makes Leota so appealing to women?

Leota is versatile. Women need clothes that take them from day to night and to the weekend just by reapplying their lipstick. They will always want clothes that feel chic without sacrificing comfort. Leota offers fashion that works seamlessly in all contexts of your life.

What 3 things would you never leave the house without?

Red lipstick, because it is the easiest way to fake being put-together. Sunscreen, obviously! My iPhone, because as a business owner, I always have to be available.

What’s your idea of a perfect Saturday?

My perfect Saturday starts with coffee in bed and reading the paper, then a jog around Prospect Park in Brooklyn where I live, brunch with my friends, and then maybe catching an art exhibit or exploring the local flea markets. Definitely dinner outside in my backyard and going to bed early!

Who do you most admire?

Sojourner Truth, the abolitionist and feminist activist, is a historical leader I admire. Her speech “Ain’t I a Woman” still rings true today, 163 years later. Her legacy reminds me not to be complacent, and that the rights and access we now enjoy are thanks to the bravery of our ancestors.

What does the bike culture look like at Leota?

Being good to the environment and strengthening local communities is important to me, and biking does both. On any given day in our office, you’ll see bikes parked right there next to our mountain of fabric rolls. Even though our company has grown up fast, we remain committed to ethical production practices. Each Leota dress is handmade in a family-owned factory in New York City’s garment district, so we’re often biking around between factories.


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