Lezyne Lite Drive Bike Pump Review

The Lite Drive bike pump is as sleek and stylin’ as it is functional.

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Lezyne Pump

PRICE $34.99 USD
FIND IT AT lezyne.com

The Lezyne Lite Drive is a lightweight, aluminum hand pump for high-pressure tires. With its shiny-machined aluminum construction, this pump is both pretty and efficient. To make pumping high-pressure tires a thing of ease, Lezyne use a compact overlapping handle optimized for high-pressure applications. The pump is equipped with the ABS Flex hose for Presta or Schrader valves and includes a composite matrix aluminum mount, giving you the ability to easily attach the pump to your bike frame. Available in two lengths, in silver or black. All Lezyne products are assembled in their factory in Taichung, Taiwan.

Ladies, you will especially appreciate this pump. Oftentimes I find I just don’t have the arm strength for straight-action hand pumps – they leave my arms trembling before the tire is barely inflated. But the Lezyne Lite Drive is not like those other pumps. The flexible hose allows one to avoid frustration when attaching the pump. You then have this lovely smooth handle motion where you can actually feel the air going in – I love the feeling of accomplishment! And all done with very little arm exertion, regardless of the pressure needed. The barely-there weight and shiny exterior just make it a really nice pump. I never leave home without it!

Lezyne have been very thoughtful with this pump, there’s nothing I would consider changing.

The Lezyne Lite Drive is a simple, effective and efficient pump made by a company known for high-quality products. It’s light, sleek and oh-so easy to use. I love knowing I can tackle a flat on the go with absolutely no hassle. Being able to rely on a tool is very important and something I really appreciate with this handy little pump.

Reviewd by: Sandra Allen is a Cycling Educator and the Program Manager of LIFECycle, an organization teaching the fundamentals of bike safety and maintenance to youth in Western Canada. She rides rain or shine, often with cargo and always with a smile. lifecycle.ca

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