Light and Motion Taz 1500 Front Light Review

Momentum Mag reviews Light and Motion’s Taz 1500 Front Light

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Photo by Devon Balet

Photo by Devon Balet

PRICE 300.00 USD


Made in the USA, the Light and Motion TAZ 1500 provides a retina-searing 1500 lumens at full beam strength for an incredibly bright and powerful light ideal for people who ride in the pitch dark. Trail rides at night or riding in rural areas will be like riding in the daytime! With 5 different settings including a lower lumen setting “Pulse” mode, this is also a great light for commuting.


Brightest light I’ve ever used! You’ll win every “my light is brighter than your light” contest you get in. Also, keep the beam pointed down when riding in the street or you will blind oncoming fellow cyclists.


I wish the battery would charge a little quicker, with the amount of power it uses on high beam mode it tends to run out of power rather quickly (1.5 hours on full strength) and charging it up again can take all day when plugged into a computer as a power source.


I liked the feeling that I could most definitely be seen, indeed, that I was hard to ignore, while on the road. The light weight and compact size belie the power inside which is formidable as three LED lights provide a huge cone of light to illuminate the trails in-front and to the sides.

Mike Shellard is a year-round commuter who loves to ride regardless of the weather.  His best rides are on lunch breaks in Stanley Park, Vancouver.  Shellard is a new dad and very excited to get his son on a bike.

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  • Heidi Hall

    Awesome review! Thanks for featuring this light which has important safety features, like sidelights, which keep cyclists more visible on the commute! ~ Heidi, L&M

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