BeFly Bike Tour Owner Beth Geohagan

Living by Bike with Beth Geohagan, Owner/ Tour Guide at BeFly Bike Tours in Lakeland, FL.

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Beth Geohagan Owner/ Tour Guide at BeFly Bike Tours in Lakeland, FL

When did you start riding your bike?

Bicycles have always been a part of my life. My parents grew up riding bicycles and made sure my brother and sister and I had a bicycle as soon as we started walking.

What is your favorite place to ride your bike to?

I love to ride my bike to downtown via the Lake Morton Historic District. The beautiful, brick-paved, tree-lined streets with a mixture of architecturally interesting homes make it my favorite place to ride. There is something new to see on every ride.

What is your favorite restaurant?

Lakeland is fortunate to have a few locally owned restaurants that are out of this world. In alphabetical order (because I have gotten to know these wonderful owners and don’t want to oend): Bay Street Bistro, Fresco’s, Garden Bistro, Patio 850, Red Door Wine Market, and Tony’s Studio B. All of these places offer the best guest service and have outdoor seating. I have to give a shout out to Tony Guinn for being the first Bicycle Benefits business in Lakeland.

What is your favorite bike ride?

My favorite bike ride is when I head out in no particular direction all by myself. The freedom to go wherever the wind blows is exhilarating. It’s on these solo journeys where I find the hidden gems that I add to my tours.

How would you describe your bike style?

I love my single-speed cruiser with my big basket on the front. e simplicity of this style reminds me of my childhood. The slow ride allows me to appreciate all the beauty I see along my journeys. I have tour guests tell me all the time that it’s been 30 or 35 years since they have ridden a bicycle. The best part is seeing them hop on and start pedalling. Everyone enjoys riding a cruiser!

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