Edmonton’s First Couple Sarah Chan and Don Iveson

Living by Bike with Sarah Chan and Don Iveson, Piano Teacher/ Mom/ YEG First Lady and Mayor of Edmonton.

Written by:

Sarah Chan Piano Teacher/ Mom/ YEG First Lady and

Don Iveson Mayor of Edmonton, AB.

When did you start riding your bike?

SC: In 1986, when I was six years old.

DI: When I was 4, in 1983.

What is your favorite place to ride your bike to?

SC: Wherever there is a delicious beverage waiting for me or to my kid’s school for drop off and pick up. Biking turns an everyday outing into a delight!

DI: Outdoor festivals like Symphony Under the Sky, The Fringe, and Edmonton Folk Music Festival.

What is your favorite restaurant?

SC: For dinner with wine: MRKT; bakery: Duchess Bake Shop; sandwiches: elm café; coffee: Transcend Garneau Café.

DI: Woodwork.

What is your favorite bike ride?

SC: My favorite part about biking in Edmonton is riding across the High Level Bridge. Our river valley is gorgeous.

DI: Through the river valley or over it via the High Level Bridge.

How would you describe your bike style?

SC: The same as my non-bike style: comfortable, creative, and adventurous.

DI: It varies with the bike and the weather but I prefer civvies over Spandex.

Describe the bike culture in your city/ town

SC: It’s like a well-kept secret. The more you ride, the more you figure out your favorite routes and short cuts. Edmonton doesn’t give the impression of being particularly bikefriendly, but there are tons of us out there riding and the numbers increase every year.

DI: Predominantly recreational, but with a growing demand for, and cultural shift towards, cycling as transportation.

What do you think your city/ town could do to make cycling easier and more accessible?

SC: For the powers that be: Connecting broken links, better signage, and education about sharing the road. For fellow cyclists: Lights on your bike, signalling, and not riding on the sidewalk.

DI: Enhance the cycling network starting in the core of the city.

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  • Terry Travail

    …for being soooo pro cycling… his administration has done NOTHING BUT: cancel or defer projects and treat people who would prefer to bike as second class citizens. I can only conclude that this is nothing more than a puff-piece photo op.

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