Luvelo X-Crate Review

Momentum mag reviews the Luvelo X-Crate.

PRICE: $75


Made from lightweight aluminum, the X-Crate is a bicycle basket made to be installed onto a rear rack. Pierced base makes for easy attachment and drainage on rainy days. Available in Black, Grey, and Red.


I searched far and wide, online and in-store, for longer than I care to admit, for a bicycle crate that suited my desire to find form and function in a single product. The Canadian-made X-Crate was the first product I found that both suited my cream-colored Linus Dutchie aesthetically and provided me with the cargo space I needed to tote around my work bag, gym gear, groceries, and, occasionally, all of those simultaneously.


My only wish was that the crate had come with a detachable net or some bungee cords to secure items in the crate, so that those nasty potholes that so often sneak up on you don’t send all your cargo tumbling onto the street – yes, I am (unfortunately) speaking from experience. As a Vancouverite, the only other thing that I think would have put this product at the top would have been the inclusion of a waterproof cover for the crate to protect my bags on my often soggy commute.

Securing the crate was easy-enough, although it did require additional tools. So if you’re anything like me and don’t always have a set of pliers on hand, you’ll need to seek out someone with tools to ensure it’s secured.


This product was perfect for me. That said, riders who want to be able to carry any smaller loose items might find the minimal siding on the crate requires all items to be in bags or otherwise secured. That said, the X-Crate fit my needs and cycling lifestyle to a T.

Alexandra Tyrrell was adamant that cycling wasn’t for her, convinced that it was all lycra and clip-ins. However, since meeting the Momentum team, acquiring her Linus Dutchie, and her favorite Vancouver-ready accessory, the Cleverhood rain cape, she has been enjoying the freedom of commuting from downtown to her cycling-friendly office, Hootsuite, in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

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