Maxwell Motorbikes Designs an Ultralight E-Bike

The Maxwell EP0 is a minimalist, ultra lightweight e-bike designed for the needs of the modern biker in North America.

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Maxwell Motorbikes in Rochester, NY, is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to produce a minimalist, ultra lightweight e-bike designed for style-conscious city riders. The Maxwell EP0 provides the benefits of an e-bike while retaining the look of a conventional bicycle.

The EP0 stemmed from a need in the e-bike industry that the Maxwell team felt was lacking – namely an e-bike that is lightweight, and suits the needs of North American cyclists. The EP0 ranges from 21-31 lbs (9-41 kg), so you can carry it up to your apartment or onto the subway, and its style suits the aesthetics of many young urban commuters. It has a quick, sporty geometry perfect for zipping around the city.

The Maxwell team were able to design the EP0 in the style of a traditional bicycle by building the battery right into the frame of the bike, thereby minimizing its electric appearance.

But don’t let the looks deceive you, the EP0 still packs a punch. The bike features a full vector motor controller, 20+mph speed ability, and a 10-20 mile range. It also includes a 250wh Lithium NMC battery inside the frame members, 300W Freewheeling electric hubmotor, and a forty-five minute charge time.

The EP0 is available in 52 cm, 56 cm, and 61 cm frame sizes, and in singlespeed, 2-speed with a coaster brake, and with a 9-speed hub. The Maxwell team has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the EP0’s development, and is offering a singlespeed bike from the  first production run for backers who pledge $1,400 USD. The campaign will run until September 18, 2015, click here for more info or to support the project.

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  • It’s always a bummer to see a so-called city bike without any cargo carrying components. Who is this mythical urban commuter that doesn’t need to carry anything?

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