MEC Aqua-Not 3 46L Pannier Review

Momentum Mag reviews the MEC Aqua-Not 3 46L.

PRICE $159 CAD per pair


MEC’s Aqua-Not 3 is a fully waterproof pannier with a roomy 46L capacity and includes separate pockets, a key clip in the top lid pocket, tie down points, a top Daisychain for overflow cargo, and compressions straps. Using EPO fabric and a drawstring top in combination with an overlapping shaped lid, these panniers will keep your goods completely dry. Sold as a pair and available in two colors.


The Aqua-Not 3’s are spacious, well-built, utilitarian, and fully waterproof. Great for wet weather commuting and touring.


The zipper on the side pocket is so stiff that the pocket can be difficult to use. I found that the plastic locking hooks and universal hooks didn’t give me great confidence when attaching panniers to my back rack. A trip to a local MEC store for fitting would be a good idea.


This product is perfect for those who need to carry lots of stuff in really wet weather and who don’t want to spend a mint.

Dominique Labrosse is a bicycle commuting husband, father, graphic designer, photographer, recreational sailor and community soccer coach living at the bottom of a large hill in Vancouver, BC. @d_labrosse

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