Momentum Mag Heads to Phoenix for the Electric Bike Expo

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Electric Bike Expo

The inaugural Electric Bike Expo kicks off in Phoenix, AZ, today, running through to Sunday, January 17, 2016. This weekend will kick off a series of roadshow events where industry members and bike enthusiasts can come and learn about, and test ride the e-bike experience in a controlled setting.

Expo organizers are strategic partners with Interbike, and have designed, built and managed “The Circuit” indoor e-bike test track at the industry-leading trade show for the past few years. Following the Phoenix event, the Expo will be heading on a road trip around the US, stopping in Houston, TX; San Diego, CA; Portland, OR; and a few other cities throughout the winter and spring.

The Expo seeks to close the considerable gap in the e-bike market between e-bike manufacturers and the general public. While e-bikes are increasingly popular in other parts of the world, the technology remains relatively slow to catch on in North America. While some of this hesitancy stems from concerns over cost, a generally small everyday cycling population, or a steadfast loyalty to bicycle “purism,” much of it also stems from a simple lack of exposure. Most Americans simply aren’t aware what’s out there, how it works, and how it rides.

Electric Bike Expo organizers are betting that offering free test rides to large numbers of people will build more interest in e-bikes in the US, especially as the technology continues to improve and the availability of products to expand.

Momentum Mag’s Tania Lo has headed down to Phoenix for the kick-off event this weekend, and will be out to learn as much as she can about this exciting industry.

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