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Momentum Mag has just released our first digital-only issue with the November 2015 edition, and here’s your chance to try a free trial. Aside from a brand new platform to read all the news, profiles and features you’ve come to love from us, this new issue is our first exclusively digital publication. In addition, it’s the start of our monthly commitment, with a fresh issue now coming out 12 times per year. We’ve worked very hard on designing a new platform for our readers to engage with us as we continue to cover the burgeoning cycling lifestyle in North America and beyond.

With our new digital magazine, we are making a big effort to connect with more urban riders and, particularly, those new to cycling and those interested in riding more often (or for the first time!). Our interactive magazine is available on all major platforms – Google, Apple and Amazon – and optimized for your digital-reading pleasure on tablets and smartphones of all sizes. Expect to see more image galleries, embedded video, in-depth feature articles and recurring columnists along with our ongoing coverage of bikestyle, families, wellness, bike shops, city guides, gear reviews, brand features, and much more. We encourage you to read the ‘How to Use This App’ page at the start of the issue, providing tips and tools to help you navigate around the magazine. If anything doesn’t look right or if you are experiencing technical difficulties, please let us know by emailing us.

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We are no longer constrained by page count or image size and we’re looking forward to developing this digital magazine even further. For that, we’d love your help.

What do you like reading about? What do you want to see more of in Momentum Mag? What would you rather not see again? What topics are close to your heart and you feel need more attention? Help us shape the future of Momentum Mag so we can bring you the best possible urban cycling magazine now and into the future. Please email me and let me know your thoughts.

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Momentum Mag has long been known for our city cycling coverage. We are the only magazine dedicated exclusively to urban, transportation cycling here in North America. For more than 10 years, Momentum Mag has been there as transportation cycling began to reach the mainstream, first in larger cities in the USA and Canada, and now from coast to coast in cities big and small. We’ve prompted new and established cycling companies with our questions about their dedication to city cycling and watched as the answers went from nothing at all to entire lines of bicycles and accessories now made with the urban rider in mind. We’ve championed cycling infrastructure and bold moves on the part of our city leaders and planners. And we’ve been thrilled to see more cities getting on board and providing real transportation options for citizens of all ages.

Bike Magazine - digital edition

Finding a bicycle made specifically for our cities – an upright bike complete with fenders, racks, bells and comfort in mind – was often a challenge when we first began publishing. The growth in this segment of the industry has reflected the trends of today: more and more people want to incorporate the bicycle into their day to day lives. Hearteningly, this trend isn’t confined to a single age group, ethnicity or gender. It is enhanced by advocacy groups and planners taking a holistic approach to urban life, slow rolling group rides connecting people to their neighborhoods and neighbors, festivals celebrating bicycle culture and conversations moving beyond the tired trope of bikes versus cars.

Momentum Mag celebrates the diversity of our city cycling lifestyle with positive, solutions-based coverage. As always, we appreciate your support. Thanks for riding with us!

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  • Ralph Sollbach

    The province of Ontario has a scandal overe fund raising by the liberal government. Mentioned was the auto insurance industry but they didn’t link it to 3 cuts to accident victims over 12 years of liberals pay cuts health care cuts and poverty growth makes Canada a 2nd world cuntry with first world pretensions ei the cash going to foreign.

  • Patrick

    I’m ready to just delete the effing app and stop reading altogether.

    Consider me a DISGUSTED “Lifetime Subscriber.”

    Has there been a print issue, yet? I haven’t received one, and I can’t download any of the digital crap.

    Maybe you should just scour me out of your databases and consider it over…

  • Stephen

    Trying to read it on my Kindle Fire using the app and the app doesn’t show the November issue and the issues it does show June/July is wants me to buy at $1.99.

    • Momentum Mag

      Hi Stephen, is there a “missing issues” button? Usually if you just click that button it will reload the new issue. If you’re still having trouble, email and they’ll be able to help you with any specific issues you’re having.

      • Stephen

        Turns out I have an early version of Kindle that does not support the Momentum Mag app. Unless I purchase a new Kindle Fire I will be unable to read the magazine. It seems that getting the browser issue up and running should be a priority since not everyone has a tablet

  • Bob

    Are you sure? I’ve been trying to download it for the last two hours with no results

  • Denis

    Hi, I just have a PC, how can I read the interactive magazine if I don’t have an Android device, Ipad or Amazon device?

    • Momentum Mag

      Hi Denis, thanks for asking. A browser version is coming soon, Plus and Premium subscribers will be getting info on how to access that next week.


    Is the November digital issue only available through the app? Or can we also access it through a regular web browser?

    • Momentum Mag

      Hi Pascale, thanks for asking. The browser version is on its way, Plus and Premium subscribers will be getting information how to access it next week, and it will also include the November edition.

  • George Brown

    Confusing! What is the signin/login for? Won’t accept my e-mail address

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